Holy Families Don’t Just Happen


Have you discovered the website Audio Sancto yet?? It  such an incredible resource!!

This is a website with numerous sermons given by excellent priests on many subjects that would interest all serious Catholics! Such subjects include family life, prayer, the saints, Our Lady, vocations, sacramentals….and well, you will see when you peruse this site!iphone spring 2013 007

We have spent many an hour,  crocheting, coloring or just sitting and listening to a sermon. The kids get a lot from it and the little ones can sit and color and keep quiet until the sermon is over.

This sermon that I am sending your way is wonderful. I think you will get a lot out of it! It gives us many reasons why “Holy Families Don’t Just Happen” and how to have a holy family ourselves.

Happy Listening!

Holy Families Don’t Just Happen Sermon

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