Our Elderly… and Our Children…



This coming Saturday my mom and dad will be moving into the little apartment my sons and sons-in-law (plus many others) have helped build! It has been a flurry around here with kids and grand kids swarming the place like ants. iphone spring 2013 326

The ladies have helped make the meals and it has been a real “barn-raising” that began just 4 weeks ago!

Beginning Stages (click on first picture to see gallery):

The apartment is right off the back of our house so we will be close enough to help them as age continues to take its inevitable toll.

And they will be close to us so we can enjoy them as they are wonderful people who I know my kids will benefit from getting to know better!

They haven’t seen it yet so it will be so fun to watch them on Saturday! I know they will be thrilled!

End Stages (click on first picture to see gallery):

I listened to a Zig Ziglar podcast not too long ago and was impressed with his take on what is happening in America. Here is a recap of what he had to say:

There is a disturbing trend in America today that no one wants to take care of the old folks anymore.

This may be a direct result of how we take care of the young folks:

“You didn’t feed me, you took me to McDonald’s.

You didn’t play with me, you bought me a bicycle.

You didn’t study with me, you bought me a computer.

You didn’t take care of me , you sent me to daycare.

You didn’t entertain me, you bought me a VCR.

Why should I take care of you? I don’t even know you!”

Our society is at risk when we don’t take time for our children and get to know them.

You never know how long it is going to be when the seeds the parents plant begin to sprout.

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