Wonderful books by Father Kinsella:
The Wife Desired
The Man For Her

This is an awesome relationship book for women written by
........drum roll......a Catholic Priest!!!!!! 
Imagine that! And it is very inspirational and chock 
full of ideas and attitude-changers!
And to top it off, he wrote one for the guys called The Man For Her! So
if you are feeling sneaky you can get the guys' book, too, and place it
in his reading place :) so he can't resist the print between the book 


John was dead tired as he left work for home late one Monday 
afternoon. His physical fatigue partly accounted for his low spirits. 
He felt that he was on an economic treadmill. He was getting 
nowhere. Married five years he and Aeleen and the two little ones 
were still cooped up in a miserable little four room birth control 
trap of a flat. And worst of all they had saved pitifully little for 
their own home It was not like John to quit.

John was not giving up this particular Monday night either. Yet heimages 
was worried about the future. He did not seem to be getting 
anywhere. He had cast about in his mind for some solution till he 
was in a mental whirl. Should he look for a part time job on the 
side? Should he quit his job, take the plunge, and go in with Joe 
Burns on that gas station? He hated to vex Aeleen with these 
problems. She had the housework and the children. His was the 
responsibility of decision.

As he reached for the kitchen door knob, he paused. A dark cloud 
passed over his face. Aeleen had no bargain in him. She was the 
beauty of her whole school. Intelligent and bubbling over with 
personality she could have done much better.

As the door swung open, Aeleen was wiping a bit of spilled milk 
from the floor. One knee was on the floor; the other balanced 
Michael, the culprit whose mess she was cleaning up. Her face 
came up to meet John's. It was all smiling. The hug and the kiss 
told him that no one else in all this world was as welcome to step 
through that kitchen door. She noticed that he held her just a little 
longer than usual. "He needs me this evening more than ever." she 
sensed. "And what a comfy feeling to know one is needed."

That evening Aeleen fulfilled with colors flying the greatest 
function of a wife. tumblr_ltgwp2xvlf1qdwo7go1_500She was his inspiration. She quickly drove the 
black devils of defeatism from his troubled mind. Before bedtime 
he was ready like Cyrano de Bergerac, to fight giants. Her 
confidence in him was complete, not that she did not have to 
chase out disturbing doubts now and then about his capacities. 
She was much in love with John and knew his love. This mutual 
love made it easier for her to discipline her mind, so that her 
whole being evidenced her assurance in him. Come what might 
John was her man and he was the best in the world for her.

Thoughts constant and deep have a way of manifesting themselves 
especially to one spiritually tuned in to the thinker. Aeleen's faith, 
quietly evidenced in her husband, renewed his courage. He would 
not fail her. Aeleen was God's manifestation to him of all that was 
good and beautiful. Like David, the psalmist, he felt that, if Aeleen 
was with him, who was against him?

Aeleen made him conscious that he was the greatest man in the 
world for her money. There was no pretense in Aeleen's admiration 
for John. She loved him deeply. He was her sunshine and the light 
blinded her from seeing anyone else. It was no effort for her to 
stifle within her soul any invidious comparisons between John and 
other husbands seemingly more successful. On the surface, the 
husbands of some of her acquaintances might be more successful. 
Some of them obviously commanded much more income. "So 
what?" fought back Aeleen within herself. "It takes more than that 
to make a husband. John may not be on fire, nor the most gifted 
person, but take him for what he is, all in all, he is a man."

From this brief little picture of Aeleen and John, it is obvious that 
the ideal wife is much more than a companion, a good 
housekeeper, a good cook, and a good mother. She is an 
inspiration. Unless she is this to her husband there is danger that 
all the other fine aspects of her role as wife will be wasted in final