I guess this post is a bit of a disclaimer.

I started this blog so that I could put out to you things that have helped me along the way. I do not necessarily agree with everything in every article that is written but if I post them I feel there are enough valuable points that bear listening to.

I think it is important to clarify that if you have a husband who has an abuse problem (alcohol, pornography, drugs or physical abuse) then these principles do not necessarily apply and may even cause some harm. So you need to decide, or get a good holy priest to help you decide, whether you need professional help.

BUT…if you are married to a regular wonderful man who is part virtue, part fault….be they annoying, in-your-face type faults, then these principles can apply to you. And I think the more we give, the more we find we get.

It is amazing to me that the  more we try to overcome ourselves and become the wives God intended us to be the more the guys rise to the occasion and become more of the husband he was intended to be.

But it is a struggle. These things do not come easily to me. This blog is helping me, too. It makes me read something every day and helps me to keep my attitude in check. It helps me to dig deeper into my own soul and see if I am doing what I need to do. And you know what, often times I am not. Like I said, it is a struggle.

The web can be a very useful tool. We need support from somewhere and can feel quite isolated at times. But I do find that on the internet people come across as something they are not. And eventually we find out the real thing…..

Some of that is bound to happen but I am here to tell you that we are far from the perfect model family. Do I always rise above the occasion when my husband is being a nincompoop? Am I sweet, submissive and supportive all the time?

No…sometimes I tell him he’s a nincompoop. Does it get me anywhere? No…it’s like hitting my head against the wall. What do I get from it? Well, maybe a little gratification but mostly just a sore head! I’m here trying to prevent you from getting headaches. 🙂

We have a lot to work on. But we did start off having the basics in order. We have always put our faith first, said the family rosary and I have always at least been willing to change and to try, knowing that the problem begins with….me. Because I am the only one I can change.

(I want to thank you for the very nice comments you have made concerning the blog. I really appreciate your encouragement.)jeanette