Princess for a Day


What girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? Every little girl likes to dress up and feel special and that carries on into adolescence and womanhood.

We have had some wonderful times with families that have come for some of our functions. We make a lot of these “formal” themes so that everyone can have the fun of getting dressed up and the girls can experience their “princess for a day”.

How many happy memories of all the girls at our home doing their hair beforehand, as they anticipate an evening of fun with their families and friends!

It’s a great replacement for the “prom” of the world around us (not that we felt we needed a replacement – we didn’t)…..except we dress “up” instead of dressing “ahem” like the girls do for their worldly proms at their high school graduations. It is a sad thing to see the dresses that these young ladies are climbing into. What kind of a guy do they expect to get wearing  something that Grandmother wouldn’t be caught dead in when she was a girl??!!

….Back to our good times together.

This is taken from the book Christ in the Home by Father Raoul Plus:

“She (a woman) has a genius for adornment. She must please. And that is right. No one need reproach her for striving to do so. ‘The pheasants are preening their feathers,’ Saint Francis de Sales humorously commented in answer to Saint Jane Frances de Chantal’s letter expressing worry over her daughters’ newly evidenced concern about their dress. It is excess that is blameworthy…..”

I thought you would enjoy these pictures that I snagged from some of our events. The girls and the guys are dressed in their best! (click on the first picture of each of the two galleries (the girls and then the guys) in order to view them)

And even the guys are sports and get in on the fun!

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