No News is Good News


Have you ever heard that saying? I didn’t until I met my husband’s family. I would wonder at  the lack of telephone calls when some of the kids were gone on a trip or out of state for some reason or other. I asked hubby if it bothered his parents that the kids didn’t call home to let them know they were all right. He would answer, “No news is good news”.

It seemed a little odd to me but I just shrugged my shoulders, figuring their faith must be very great….or they were just unusual….haha

I really appreciate that saying now.DSC_0615

It’s not that I don’t want my kids to call me…often…when they are out and about. I still call my 20 yr. old son when he is not home by 11 p.m. on the weekends just to know if he is ok and when he is coming home. I sometimes wonder if he feels a little sheepish around his buddies when “Mommy” is calling him? He doesn’t let on that he minds and he always answers the phone! Maybe he even likes it???

Anyway,  back to our saying, “No news is good news”.

I have friends who will come over and ask me if there is any news in the Vanderputten family….I think for a bit and say, thankfully, “No….No news is good news.”

I remember hearing once that you are either going through a crisis, just coming out of one, or heading into one. Really?? I was surprised to hear it coming from someone else! I know it has held pretty true over here!

Family life has its crosses and its calamities. It can be sick kids, mom or dad get sick,a fire, an accident, etc. When the dust settles from these things, and sometimes it can be awhile, it makes us so much appreciate just daily routine living.Copy of Easter 2011 505-1Copy of Gallants, etc. Sept 2010 404DSC_0071gin's pics 314

Each day that we have….those days when the alarm clock goes off,  we get up, do our routine things…..be it housework, home schooling, cooking…. we need to thank God!! And really try to smell the roses along the way!

When life bats us around a bit, (and I’ve learned to thank Him during the “batting”), we are able to look back and say, “whew, made it through that one!” and then appreciate the little things once again.

I so appreciate the daily grind. It’s where it’s at!

So, mothers, remind yourselves that all the little agitations and irritations that are part of raising a family, are like chaff in the wind. Overlook them and appreciate the “mundane” life with your children. Life goes by very quickly…I know you’ve heard that before!

You will have your bumps and bruises that will help you to stand back and survey it all objectively and will cause you to say, “No News is Good News”! Yes!!

“Thank you, Dear Lord,  for my unexciting life, filled with diapers, dirty noses, dishes and dust!! Thank you for the daily grind! I love it!”

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