Catholic Culture for Catholic Families….Would You like to Donate?


This is an appeal. πŸ™‚

About twice a year, we have a function that includes family, friends and new acquaintances. These functions are family-oriented with good wholesome entertainment, recreation and often includes conferences from priests or other good speakers. We have had conferences on courtship, Dressing with Dignity (thanks, Colleen Hammond!), family life, etc.

There are often a whole weekend of activities that bring people from several states in the midwest and from both coasts.

As you can imagine, these functions need funding and we work very hard with bake sales to have some initial money to start each function off. Then we ask for donations at the weekend itself.

Sometimes it can be touch and go as far as covering costs.

I remember one particular Function we had a Family Square Dance, conferences, an Irish Concert, rosaries, confession, a Family Movie, volleyball, games and music scattered throughout the weekend.

One of the last things we had was the Irish concert and we were sweating a bit because we were quite short of our monetary goal. So we announced at the concert that we were taking donations – that we were falling short – and if everyone could dig a little deeper in their pockets. Keep in mind that there was no charge for taking part in the weekend at all, so we weren’t shy if we had to ask for donations. πŸ™‚

Anyway, we had one man come up to us and ask what the amount was that we needed. It was not a small sum…$500.00….he took out his checkbook, wrote the check, smiled and said, “We don’t always have this, but God has been good to us this year!”

We were very grateful…AND relieved!!

We are planning a Traditional Family Weekend June 20 – 22 which will include a dance, a Talent Show, conferences, volleyball, etc.

We feel that these Functions provide a refreshing regrouping of like-minded Catholics. New acquaintances are made, families visit, the youth meet other youth….even some budding relationships have occurred that ended in good marriages from these events!! They also provide a place where the youth can learn to interact with other youth in a chaperoned, cultured manner. People go back to their homes knowing they are not alone against an indifferent world.

So….if any of you would like to donate to this worthy cause….of bringing like-minded Catholics together, of providing traditional family fun and spiritual nourishment to the young and old….families in general….then we have provided a way for you to donate. And if you would like to take part in one of these I will keep you posted through this site.

Also, any benefactors will be remembered in our daily rosary here at our household. πŸ™‚paypal-donate-button

Some pictures of past good times:

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