Rome, Naples and Pompeii!!!


Please pray for my son, Dominic, and my niece, Regina, who are in that “Big Bird in the Sky” today as they fly for a tour of Rome, Naples and Pompeii!

They are taking part in a tour with Father James Fryar. It should be wonderful and hopefully I can share pictures when they get back!297

Dominic worked hard to earn the money for this trip. Then he applied for his passport and because of his delayed birth certificate his request was denied 3 times!! He started to sweat a bit when it was a week and a half before he was supposed to fly out and still they denied him! He had already paid for his trip and it was non-refundable.

We got advice to call our commissioner. After a few phone calls and some signing of papers via the internet, he got the passport in the mail the next day!! What a relief!

You can read about the tour here.

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