The Difference Between Feminine and Sexy Attire


from The Wonderful World of Womanhood


“Fascinating Womanhood teaches that to achieve femininity in dress, we should strive for softness, airiness, and delicacy, always striking a contrast to masculinity. It is important, while avoiding “unisex” and masculine fashions, to preserve modesty. This is borne out by the words of Dr. David Mace, eminent marriage counselor and author:

“Our whole culture is involved in a serious confusion between femininity and sexuality. American men, feeling that there is a lack of femininity in their women, are demanding that they dress in a more sexually provocative way.

“But this is really an adolescent misconception of what femininity is. The erotically aggressive woman is often the very opposite of femininity, because what she is doing is trying to compensate for her inward lack of femininity by putting on a big show on the outside. The femininity of the kind that attracts a mature man is marked by a shy, modest sweetness, rather than sexual aggressiveness.

“However, American women are clutching at straws. So now, with the help of fashion designers and cosmetic manufacturers they are going all out to parade their exotic qualities. Lips, busts and legs are prominently displayed, in a pathetic attempt to regain outwardly what they have somehow lost inwardly.”

We can change this, Fascinating Women, by each of us acquiring total femininity, elegance, grace, and true modesty. Remember, dressing modestly means dressing nicely and inoffensively. Lack of moderation/offense in dressing can go two ways: trying to look unsexy and modest can be so overly done that a woman is dowdy and repulsive, and trying to look so erotic that people are literally embarrassed for such a woman and feel disdain towards her.

Seek balance, niceness, total femininity, and moderation, which equals modesty in dress. Look so nice that no one, whether they’re religious or not, will think of you as looking anything but nice and pleasant to look at in a non-sexual way.

As women, we are worth so much, so very, very much more, than just sex. We are multi-faceted, fascinating human beings. We are half of the balance of mankind and we are extraordinarily remarkable. To wrap ourselves in the message that we are basically only good for and to be judged by sexual activity is a sweeping loss and a national heartache. We are so much more than sex objects, we are women.

Let’s grow in self-dignity, explore and grow in God-created, utterly and stupendously fascinating womanhood, and let our real worth and beauty show through our feminine, modest actions, behaviors, and appearances.

Dressing modestly/femininely is a gift to give those who look upon us and ourselves, it’s so nice and refreshing, gives so much beauty and niceness to the world – the world needs this to balance the ugliness and harshness that exists.

God created us, women, to appreciate beauty and create it, let’s do so not only in our homes, but with ourselves, and let’s let this beauty shine marvelously in our very dignified, very feminine, very Fascinating Way.

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