We had a lovely Christmas with friends and family.

Our Advent Traditions abounded and ended with a beautiful Midnight High Mass!

Christmas Eve found us all gathered up at the little apartment we built for my mom and dad on the back of our house. All of us, grandchildren and all, went up there to visit, sing carols and continue a tradition we started years ago….spending a couple hours with them….no matter how busy and squished it becomes!

I was excited to have them living so close and so glad my dad made it through Christmas with us! He will be turning 81 the end of this month. He probably weighs as much….81. He is not doing well and as of yesterday we are having one of the older girls sleep on the floor beside his bed to keep him company as well as to let us know if he needs help. He is still very alert, his hearing is excellent and he tells us stories all the time…in between gasps of breath as he is on a good amount of oxygen. He is a very witty little Irish man and I love him dearly.

Christmas day brought family and friends pitching in together to provide a big turkey dinner for everyone. There was feasting, singing, games and general merry-making! It was a perfect day with perfect weather.

I put together this fun video to keep the memories alive and I wanted to share it with you. πŸ™‚

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