Free Give-Away! Lovely Handcrafted, Wire-Wrapped Necklace Set!


It has been a busy holiday season and it has also been awhile since I have offered a free giveaway! It is something I love to do and have a lot of fun putting your names in the basket!

Today I am raffling off one of my hand-crafted, unbreakable, wire-wrapped necklace sets!

This lovely Red & Gold Necklace Set is made with gold, red, black and marbled green stone beads. The red swarovski beads accent the necklace and give it a sparkle. The brass wire is coiled around some of the beads giving it a graceful and unique look. This will look lovely with your outfit for the day!
Each link of the brass-plated wire was hand-made and wrapped around itself making the loop permanent.
This is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry by hand.
The necklace is 22″ long but is easily adjustable to make it shorter as the hook simply fits into any of the wire-wrapped loops.
The earrings are made to match the necklace.
This necklace is dainty yet it will last a lifetime!

Please sign up by making a comment! As usual, I always love to hear from you….even if it is just a hi!

We will make the drawing the evening of Feb. 1st and announce it on Our Lady’s Feast Day of the Purification, Feb. 2nd.

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