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It’s been a “crafty” winter with lots of nice things in the making….some finished, some laid aside until a later date, or next Christmas…..iphone jan 14, 2013 049iphone jan 14, 2013 050 This is a nice little hat that Margy made. The pattern comes with a scarf and I think it would be lovely to wear it as a set.iphone Jan 19, 2014 058I don’t know if it was the color but Gemma (10 years old) named the hat “Pond of Warts”. Not very flattering. ๐Ÿ˜• Does kind of look warty though, doesn’t it?iphone Jan 19, 2014 059-001 Here it is with the scarf, too. snowball_hat_scarfset_300_mediumClick here to get the pattern. Subscribe to Crochet World for other terrific patterns….each month! We love this magazine!


We usually have a house full after 9 am Mass Sunday morning. We were on the ball this last Sunday (doesn’t happen too often) and had quiche baking in the oven when we got home, along with Rosie’s wonderful cinnamon rolls she had made the day before! iphone Jan 19, 2014 057She uses floss or thread to cut the cinnamon rolls.iphone Jan 19, 2014 051Someone is getting a headache because he has to wait until they cook!iphone Jan 19, 2014 055

The recipe for the Betty Crocker Sticky Buns is here.


The girls love to do hair and therefore we have some good hair days around here!iphone Jan 19, 2014 029iphone Jan 19, 2014 038

Here is a link to a lovely Etsy Shop called The Honeycomb I thought you might enjoy! What beautiful work she does!


We also have VERY BAD hair days.iphone Jan 19, 2014 048I asked Gemma for a tutorial but she said it’s a family secret.

Thanks, Gemma, for providing this picture for us and for, well…just being you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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