A Digression…..New Grandbaby Announcement …and Other Stuff


We needed more girls in a family where grandsons are upsetting the cart! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not sure, but I have an inkling that my grandsons are not normal little boys.

Toys are not their thing.

They seem to have an uncanny sense of sniffing out any tool that is carefully hidden from their little hands so they can proceed to build something that will make the world stand in awe…and drop their Grandma’s jaw!

Really, just look at their Christmas gifts!DSC02748


The casualties to furniture, much doted-on trees and other little boys’ heads is just part of the process. These boys have a purpose and will be building wonderful things for Grandma in a few short years (my list is being prepared)!

They help their daddies butcher the animals, pound nails, dig holes, burn the fields, unhitch BIG trailers….gulp! I’m getting too old for this!DSC02621

I wouldn’t mind a little more wielding of crochet hooks around here, instead of ducking from flying screw drivers!

My six year old grandson, Edward, helps his daddy snow plow all through the night, in the cold, shoveling along with the best of them…no.. plastic toys are not their thing!

Don’t get me wrong. They have their calmer, angelic side….


OK, back to pink!!!!

Sunday night (Feb. 1st) I got the call at 11:30 pm saying Jeanette was in labor and at the Birth Center.

She was more than 2 weeks overdue so we all breathed a sigh of relief that she was really in labor! Great! No intervention necessary!!

It was a restless night for Mom (me), in spite of my Precious Blood Prayer!

I had told her to call when she needed me. At 5:30 am, after 2 repeated tries at texting and seeing if everything was ok, I was contemplating grabbing my birthing kit remedies and just striking on over to the Birth Center.

Then I got the text!

“You’re a new Grammy!!”

I was quite taken aback. If it was me in labor, I would have had another 12 hours to go! And I had this funny “feeling” this was going to be a hard one for Jeanette (sure glad those intuitions aren’t always right!)

Daddy and I hopped into the vehicle, tore over to the early Mass and went to see our sweet granddaughter, Agnes Leanne, 6lbs. 13oz and her happy and proud mommy and daddy!Iphone Feb. 8, 2014 009

She’s beautiful and we are all pleased as punch that it is over!

I will be off buying more crochet hooks! ๐Ÿ˜€Iphone Feb. 8, 2014 040Iphone Feb. 8, 2014 167Sweet Winter Baby - 2H3X6-106 - printFeb 8, 2014 031Feb 8, 2014 055Feb 8, 2014 064

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