True Womanhood, A book of Instruction for Women of the World, 
Rev. Bernard O'Reilly, L.D.

I was happy to be introduced to this book by my dear friend, Natalie.
It is full of beauty and meditation on the virtues of true womanhood.
I will be sharing it with you along the way. It is an old book, which, 
to me, makes its pages even more valuable to the reader. :)

The True Woman's Kingdom: The Home

Who is not struck with beholding your lively faith ; 
your piety full of sweetness and modesty ; 
your generous hospitality ; the holiness which reigns 
within your families ; the serenity and innocence of 
your conversation? (ST. CLEMENT, Pope and Martyr, 
First Epistle to the Corinthians).

WE are about to describe the sacred sphere within which 
God has appointed that true women should exercise their 
sway, that most blessed kingdom which it is in their power 
to create, and over which the Author of every most perfect 
gift will enable them to reign with an influence as undis- 
puted as it may be boundless for all good. jeanette's camera 023

The home of the Christian family, such as the Creator wills 
it to be, and such as every true woman can make it, is not only the 
home of the wealthy and the powerful, but more especially 
still that of the poor and the lowly. 
For, these constitute the immense majority of mankind, 
and must ever be the chief object of His care who is Father and Lord 
over all.
From Him spring the laws which regulate all the sweet 
duties of family life, and the graces which enable the mem- 
bers of a household to make of their abode a paradise. 

Hence it is, that when the Author of our nature deigned 
to become man and to subject Himself to these same laws 
and duties, He chose not a palace for his abode, nor a life 
of wealthy ease, while upon earth, but the poor home of an 
artisan, and the life of toil and hardship which is the lot of 
the multitude. 
It was a most blissful design, worthy of the 
infinite wisdom and goodness. The human parents He 
chose were of royal blood, that the highest on earth might 
learn from Joseph and Mary how holiness can exalt princes 
to nearness to God, and how the most spotless purity can 
be the parent of a regenerated world. 
And He made all his human virtues bloom in the carpenter's home 
at Nazareth, in order that the poorest laborer might know that 
there is not one sweet virtue practiced by the God-Man, 
Jesus, which the last and hardest driven of the sons and 
daughters of toil may not cultivate in their own homes, 
though never so poor, so naked, or so narrow. 

So, dear reader, standing on the shore of the calm and 
beautiful Lake of Galilee, near which our Lord was reared, 
let us see his humble home and his home-life reflected 
therein, as in a most beautiful mirror ; and with that divine 
image compare our own home, and the life with which we 
study to adorn it. 

There is nothing here below more sacred in the eyes of 
that good God who governs all things, and will judge all 
men in due time, than THE FAMILY HOME. 

All the institutions and ordinances which God has created 
in civil society or bestowed upon His Church, have for their 
main purpose to secure the existence, the honor, and the 
happiness of every home in the community, from that of 
the sovereign or supreme magistrate to that of the most ob- 
scure individual who labors to rear a family. 

There is nothing on earth which the Creator and Lord of all things 
holds more dear than this home, in which a father's ever- 
watchful care, untiring labor, and enlightened love aim at 
creating for his children a little Eden, in which they may 
grow up to the true perfection of children of God ; in which 
a mother' s unfailing and all-embracing tenderness will be, 
like the light and warmth of the sun in the heavens, the 
source of life and joy and strength and all goodness to her 
dear ones, as well as to all who come within the reach of 
her influence.spring Paradis - 2H3X6-109 - print