Modesty? What’s the Big Deal?


A young man reveals his thoughts on why girls and women need to dress modestly. I thought this was very good and something you can share with the young ladies in your life. Thanks to this young man for taking the time out to share with others and spread the good news about modesty!


The following link goes to a blog that your girls may like to look at. She is not Catholic but I think she does a good job in promoting modesty in a vibrant and enthusiastic way. Her outfits are fun to look at and you can get some good ideas.  It is called Fresh Modesty and you can click here to find it. She also has a sewing blog and you can find it here.

We need support in going against the flow so it’s good to have the girls (and ladies) get inspired by different outfits and to see that you can be pretty and modest at the same time. Modesty doesn’t mean frumpy or dressing in another time era. 🙂 So…for anyone new perusing this site you may want to take a look at our recent Spring Fashion Show and also Fashion Show 2013 which features Virginia’s sewing skills. We did a Fall Fashion Show last year, too.

I love this quote and thought I would post it here:

Pope Pius XII: “The trend of fashions is not in itself evil. It flows spontaneously from the social nature of man, in accordance with an impulse which inclines him to keep in harmony with his fellow men, and with the way of acting of those amongst whom he lives. God does not ask you to live outside your times, so careless of the exigencies of fashion as to render yourselves ridiculous, by dressing in a way opposed to the common tastes and practices of your contemporaries. In following fashion, virtue lies in the middle course. What God asks of you is to remember always that fashion is not, and cannot be, the ultimate rule of conduct for you, that beyond fashion and its demands, there are higher and more pressing laws, principles superior to fashion, and unchangeable, which under no circumstances can be sacrificed to the whim of pleasure or fancy, and before which must bow the fleeting omnipotence of the idol of fashion.”