Twenty-Five Ways to Be a Good Listener


― Sharon Jaynes, Becoming the Woman of His Dreams29d3d3921c0ffbad9b695a14f35a702a

1. Be patient.

2. Don’t complete his sentences.

3. Let him finish, even if he seems to be rambling.

4. Don’t interrupt.

5. Face your husband and make eye contact.

6. Lean forward, if you are seated, to show you are interested.

7. Stop what you are doing.

8. Ask good questions and avoid the word “why.”

9. Ask his opinion about something that happened to you.

10. Ask him for his advice on a decision you have to make.

11. Don’t jump to conclusions.

12. Don’t give unsolicited advice.

13. Don’t change the subject until he is finished with a subject.

14. Make verbal responses such as, “I see,” “Really,” “Uh-huh,” to show you’re paying attention.

15. Turn off the TV.

16. Put down the dishcloth, book, hairbrush, etc.

17. Encourage him to tell you more. “What else did he say?” “What did she do next?”

18. When he is telling of a struggle, rephrase and repeat what you heard. “What I hear you saying is that you felt your boss was being unfair when he asked you to take on three more clients with no extra compensation.”

19. Let the telephone ring if he is in the middle of telling you something.

20. Don’t glance at your watch or cross your arms.

21. Don’t ask him to hurry.

22. If a child interrupts, tell him or her to wait until daddy is finished talking.

23. Don’t tell him how he should have handled the situation differently.

24. Don’t act bored.

25. Thank him for sharing with you.

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