As some of you already know, my brother-in-law, Father VanderPutten, is the FSSP parish priest at the Parish of Nne Enyemaka in Nigeria. He was just back here in America for a visit and it was a wonderful time of prayer, laughter and camaraderie!

We thought Father might have a hard time going back after seeing friends and family, but he was happy to get back to where life is slower, technology is less prevalent and one has time to think.

In a nutshell….Father is happy.…it doesn’t matter where the location is, he will find the good. πŸ™‚

Here is a link to the latest news at Father’s Nigerian Apostolate.

I thought you would enjoy these photos of Nigeria Father has sent me along the way. It gives us a peak into the lifestyle, the people and the geography. The captions are Father’s. Click on the first picture to view gallery.

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