I’ve introduced you to Virginia before. She’s our seamstress around here.Devin and Theresa chatau 060DSC_0071

Virginia has been delving into the art of T-Shirt makeovers! It’s pretty neat that, for pennies on the dollar, you can go to your local Goodwill,  pick out a t-shirt from the multitude hanging on the racks, and transform it into an integral and lovely part of your wardrobe!

There are  ingenious ways to use simple t-shirts that are too tight, too big, too low or just too plain! We want to share with you some links and some photos of  creative ways used to enhance your wardrobes.

Here is Gin’s Pinterest Page if you would like to follow along on her journey. She is new to Pinterest but will be adding more along the way!

Here is a tutorial on Shirring. You will see what can be done with this technique in our picture gallery.

This is a Sizzix machine and here is a tutorial on using one. The price is variable on these machines (depending on what quality you want) so one doesn’t have to invest a ton in it. Virginia uses hers to cut shapes out of material (examples in the gallery) and she also uses it on scrapbooking paper to make some lovely flowers on top of my rosary/jewelry boxes.IMG_3637 IMG_3638

Before you look at our little gallery I have one more website to share that I just stumbled on. It is called Tea Rose Home. You may notice that her home page has interior decoration projects but stop and look at some of the side links!! This woman has some wonderful tutorials on makeovers from Thrift Store purchases…tutorials on making a ruffled t-shirt out of two simple t-shirts, a t-shirt makeover with some lovely simple flowers, a pleated pretty shirt with buttons,  a fabric flower and revamping a sweater into a “garden of flowers” cardigan! There is more so have fun with this site…I think you will get much inspiration from it!

Do you have any favorite websites to share to help us along our sewing venture? We’d love to hear about them!

The following gallery has examples of Virginia’s projects that maybe can inspire you to try some yourself. Lately I have been the lucky recipient of most of these makeovers, so my t-shirts that have been sitting too long in my drawer have come to life once again!  Click on the first picture to view gallery.

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