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Finer Femininity Fall 2014 Magazine/Booklet (a Mag-Let!!) is Here!

9039840fa199951fe610f427e7491456This fall, cuddle up to your favorite spiced tea, sit by the fire, and read your Finer Femininity “Mag-Let” for some inspiration and enlightenment!

I have many people in my circle who do not even have a computer…. So, in the interim, as I take a break from the blog, I decided to make this little booklet available and I am hoping to do one for each season.

I plan to have a great Christmas issue coming out soon! I will keep you posted. And please pass the word on to others.

The following is a short little tidbit on the efficacy of reading from books (Not that I don’t like my Kindle 🙂 )!

“Slow-reading advocates recommend at least 30 to 45 minutes of daily reading away from the distractions of modern technology. By doing so, the brain can reengage with linear reading. The benefits of making slow reading a regular habit are numerous, reducing stress and improving your ability to concentrate.”

So….If you are interested, hop on over and get this sweet little booklet here!

It is my first publication, so I will be perfecting it along the way!

Here is the description:  Finer Femininity is a small publication compiled to inspire Catholic women in their vocations. It consists of uplifting articles from authors with traditional values, many of them from priests, written over 50 years ago. These ideals are timeless but, with the fast-paced “progress” of today’s world, the pearls within the articles are rarely meditated upon.

This little magazine offers Catholic womankind support and inspiration as they travel that oftentimes lonely road….the narrow road to heaven. The thoughts within the pages will enlighten us to regard the frequently monotonous path of our “daily duties” as the beautiful road to sanctity.

Feminine souls need this kind of information to continue to “fight the good fight” in a world that has opposing values and seldom offers any kind of support to these courageous women. Inside the pages you will find inspiration for your roles as single women, as wives and as mothers. In between the thought-provoking articles, the pages are sprinkled with pictures, quotes and maybe even a recipe or two.

A sneak peek at the contents of this issue:


Travelers – True Womanhood
The Snug Safety of God’s Love
Before Embarking
Is Order in Your Life Just Around the Corner?
The Kingdom of God is Within You
Character Building – Beautiful Girlhood
The Hail Mary of a Protestant
The Wife Desired is an Inspiration to Her Husband
Learning Life Lessons in the Oddest Places
Family, Fun and Festive Fall
How to Instill Obedience
Purity in Company-Keeping
Accept Him As He Is
Ten Rules to Being Happy Parents
Have You Prayed to St. Gomer Lately?
Seven Days of Prayer for Your Marriage
Sunday Morning Stories – The Two Tears
Recipe – Spicy Chai Tea
Reflections on the Holy Family
Smorgasbord ‘n’ Smidgens

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