IMG_0312This is such a lovely quote reminding us that though life hands out its hard times, even at the hands of others who are close to us, the solution is not to build formidable walls around our hearts.

No, we must forgive and keep on loving, even with the fear of knowing we may be hurt again. Of course we will. Wasn’t Our Lord? did He stop loving?

Lord, help me to keep on loving.

“Many of us find life hard and full of pain. The world treats us meanly and roughly. We suffer wrongs and injuries. Other people’s clumsy feet tread upon our tender hearts. We must endure misfortunes, trials, and disappointments.

We cannot avoid these things, but we should not allow the harsh experiences to deaden our sensibilities, or make us stoic or sour. The true aim of living, is to keep our hearts sweet and gentle amid the hardest conditions and experiences.

If you remove the snow from the hillside in the late winter, you will find sweet flowers growing there, beneath the cold drifts, unhurt by the storm and by the snowy blankets that have covered them.

Just so, should we keep our hearts tender and sensitive beneath life’s fiercest winter blasts, and through the longest years of suffering, and even of injustice and wrong treatment. That is true, victorious living.” ~ J.R. Miller