Add a special touch to your Advent and Christmas with the Finer Femininity Advent/Christmas Edition!!


This special little Mag-Let (magazine/booklet) will inspire you this Christmas to incorporate the wonderful, Catholic liturgical customs into your household! By doing so, your family will be enamored, not by Santa Claus, not by glitter and gold, but by the Catholic Charm of Christmas!!
This Advent/Christmas edition of Finer Femininity will provide you with instructions on how to integrate lovely customs and prayers to make this season the most beautiful and Catholic time of the year!
It will also give you tidbits of motivation to dig deep in your heart so you can make changes in order to build a better relationship with those who are the most important people in your life……your family.
The timeless articles are interspersed with sprinkles of quotes, pictures and even some recipes!
This book will become a treasure at Christmas-tide as you dust it off to peruse its pages each year.
You will learn to rely on the prayers and the encouragements as the time draws close to prepare our hearts each year to receive the Baby Jesus in a special way.
Don’t miss out! It will be well worth it…..over 100 pages of inspiring, uplifting articles to help change your life this Christmas season!
The contents include:

Advent is Coming!
Some Special Feast Days in Advent:
St. Barbara
St. Nicholas, Dec. 6
The Reason for Christmas Presents and the Immaculate Conception
That Favorite Christmas Novena, the St. Andrew Novena
Things I Wish I’d Known
Forming Good Habits/The Art of Self-Denial
St. Nicholas vs Santa Claus
Where are You, God and How Come You’re Not Helping Out?
Giving of Yourself this Advent
A Merry Christmas Tea
A Spiritual Christmas Crib
Christmas Traditions – Old & New
Children and Christmas
Christmas Tidbits
Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Courtesy this Christmas
Catholic Traditions for Advent and Christmas
My Little Story About the Rosary
Natalie’s Twelve Days of Christmas
Gems on Loving Our Gents
Smorgasbord ‘n’ Smidgens

You can purchase it here at Amazon! Or save on shipping and order it here on my Meadows of Grace Shop! And don’t forget…it would make a great Christmas gift! 🙂


I was excited to get a couple of reviews of my new Mag-Let and share them with you today! I really appreciate the positive input! I love the little booklets myself. They hold many inspiring thoughts and much wisdom from the past. I think they are well worth the read. 🙂

“I enjoyed this book so much. These are articles that can be read and reread many times especially when your spirits need a ‘pick-me-up’. I especially liked the little thoughts and sayings sprinkled throughout the book. So full of wisdom!” -Julie S.

“Oh it’s purely delightful to cuddle up with a cup of tea and my Finer Femininity Maglet. 🙂 I LOVE IT! Can’t wait for the Christmas edition!!” -Elizabeth V.

This book is very refreshing to read. It is very beautifully written and easy to read. This book encourages you that your efforts are worth it, enlightens you to do better in a positive way and gives you confidence that you can be good in a not-so-good world. If you want an all-around good book this is it. I look forward to each new publication!” -Emily

You can purchase it here at Amazon! Or save on shipping and order it here on my Meadows of Grace Shop!

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