Advent, The Stable and Preparing for St. Nicholas Day


Advent has arrived and we took time to get our stable up today! It was a grand time and I thought I would share with you the pictures!

The kids have been making snowflakes out of toilet paper or paper towel rolls. We got the idea off of Pinterest and they are making some pretty nice looking decorations. The red and gold ones will stay with our own decorations (we have been doing a theme of red and gold the last couple of years) and the other colors they will give to their married siblings who come over and covet them. They really ARE very pretty!! Here is a link to a page on Pinterest of some simple and intricate snowflakes.

Saturday, the Feast of St. Nicholas,  we will have a puppet show for the grandchildren. It has been a few years since we have put on this informal, simple puppet show but the kids love it and never forget it. So the married children pitched in and we bought goodies from the Health Store to fill their stockings. Here’s a post on the St. Nicholas Day Puppet Show.

Here is a link for the wonderful Advent custom of the Spiritual Christmas Crib!

And while you are at it you may want to look back at this post by Paula Rutherford and take a walk with her through Advent to Christmas!

Click on the first picture to see the gallery:

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