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“We must be a maker of Christmas for others or we cannot make a real Christmas for ourselves. We need the sharing of our joy in order to partake of its real possession. If we try to keep our Christmas all to ourselves, we will miss half its sweetness.” J.R. MIller

10801778_335906839944666_285739464930795588_nBeing a homemaker is one of the best gifts that we can bring to our family. Your joyful presence in the home is greater than any present you’ll find under the tree. – Darlene Schacht

1504625_334951156706901_9187559575446311706_nOur Lady is an attractive example for every wife and mother. Not only was she perfectly devoted to Joseph, her husband, but she was always an inspiration to him. -Fr. Lovasik

10455113_333211490214201_51661942320924809_nEach one should seek to make Christmas first in his own heart and life. Christmas is Christlike-ness. The life of heaven came down to earth in Jesus and began in the lowly place where he was born.Is there any measure of that same sweet, gentle, pure, quiet, lowly life in us? It ought to be a very practical matter. Some people get the sentiment of love; but the love fails in its working out in their disposition, conduct, and character. The kind of Christmas a Catholic wants is something that will show itself in deeds.

10395829_330961270439223_1074709929942327962_n“For the families who begin to suspect that they have let their lives get too complicated with worldly cares, too much involved in secular values, too materialistic, living through the year with the Church is the stabilizer, the way to keep to first things first.
And for the families who conceal behind their front doors some hardship or cross, whether a suffering shared or inflicted or borne, the tempo of life in Christ as He leads the Church at prayer through the year is calming, enriching; it brings wisdom, sheds light, gives courage.” -Mary Reed Newland

10523904_327664547435562_2767504093495241612_n“The thought of the importance of your position as a Catholic mother should be a source of joy to you, but your battle will often be hard and your spiritual consolations few. It is good sometimes to know that although you have sacrificed many of the things modern ’emancipated’ women value so highly, your humble position is still the proudest in society. You are the possessor of the hand that rocks the cradle and rules the world. You are to be the comforter, the unchanging inspiration, and the educator of souls.” – Fr. Lovasik


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