The following is a smorgasbord of pictures that will walk you through some Advent, past Christmas and into the Traditional Family Weekend. Make sure to click the gallery off after you are done looking at the photos and scroll down to watch the videos of some of the Talent Show acts….

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This first video is 2 songs. The first song is by Hillarie George and Ernie Garcia. Ernie wrote the words to a Civil Wars tune they liked. Theresa George joins them for the second song, a Redneck Christmas!

This video is performed by my son-in-law, Devin Byrne, Rosie and Margy VanderPutten, Olivia Byrne and Hillarie George. It is Jingle Bells, Michael Buble style!

This last song is at the end of the Grinch Skit when Mr. Grinch is converted! It is played and performed by Virginia Shibler with her Whos from Whoville and Paul Shibler, The Grinch. (who now has to live with that name).