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A Summary from Fascinating Womanhood:

Oftentimes in our Finer Femininity meetings we talk about “Acceptance”. It is the fundamental basis for loving another.

Acceptance means that we accept our husband just as he is today, not trying to change him.

It does not mean we are blind to his faults (that doesn’t happen in marriage, does it?) and it doesn’t mean that he should not be a better man than he is.

It is realizing that this is his own responsibility and not your own. What a relief this! It takes a huge burden off of our shoulders!

You realize he has faults, but you realize they are just that, faults…human frailties.

Maybe you don’t agree with his ideas, but step back and allow him his own opinion and viewpoint.

Maybe his interests and dreams seem dumb to you….or too risky.
You need to allow him to follow them. That does not mean you can’t discuss it with him (if you think it is important enough or if you think it will be received well), but if you see that discussing it does not change them, back off. (and pray).

In accepting him, you are allowing him the right to be himself, for better or for worse.

Acceptance does not mean tolerance, that you put up with him. Nor does it mean dishonesty that you deceive yourself into thinking he is perfect when he is not. Nor is it a matter of resignation.

Acceptance is a happy state of mind when you realize that your responsibility is not in making him over but in appreciating him for the man he is. Acceptance means you recognize him as a human being who, like yourself, is part virtue and part fault.

This is an honest look. You realize that his faults exist, but focus on his virtues. You accept the total man with all of his potential goodness and all of his human frailties.

So why don’t you, today, practice accepting that man you married?

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