I am excited! I’m glad I started early on this Maglet because it took some dedication and perseverance….Seems I just couldn’t get things right. I will say it was glitches instead of dumb mistakes (a bit of both, really). 🙂 But anyway…..HERE IT IS!!!

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I wish to send out a sincere THANK YOU to Maryarc who wrote the article: Fiber, Fabric and Style!

Also, from our own community, Theresa Walker, Father Kenneth Walker’s (R.I.P.) sister-in-law, who wrote: A Mother’s Cross and A Short, Tall Tale for Mothers!

It is exciting for me to share with you the talents and the thoughts of others who have something worthwhile to say to the Catholic world!!

Here is the run-down of the Table of Contents so you can see how much wonderful information is packed into this little Maglet that I called A SUNSHINY DISPOSITION!

Spring Has Sprung!
Does Your Marriage Need Warming Up?
Teach Your Child to Pray
Fiber, Fabric & Style
Tidbits from Father Lawrence G. Lovasik
Your Child’s Moral Training
The Spirit of the Kitchen
Making the Most of Mealtime
The Rosary and the Bargain
Losing Our Life
Idealizing Father
Questions Young People Ask Before Marriage
Lent Lessons for Your Children
Book Review – The Precious Blood & Mother
A Mother’s Cross
A Short, Tall Tale for Mothers
Two Great Time-Tested Recipes
The Family and the Cross
Love – Christ in the Home
Easter Alleluias

The Maglet has quotes and pictures sprinkled throughout making it a pleasure to peruse! I hope you like it!!

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Finer Femininity is a small publication compiled to inspire Catholic women in their vocations. It consists of uplifting articles from authors with traditional values and many of them from priests, written over 50 years ago. These anecdotes are timeless but, with the fast-paced “progress “of today’s world, the pearls within the articles are rarely meditated upon. This little magazine offers Catholic womankind support and inspiration as they travel that oftentimes lonely trail….the narrow road to heaven. The thoughts within the pages will enlighten us to regard the frequently monotonous path of our “daily duties” as the beautiful road to sanctity. Feminine souls need this kind of information to continue to “fight the good fight” in a world that has opposing values and seldom offers any kind of support to these courageous women. Inside the pages you will find inspiration for your roles as single women, as wives and as mothers. In between the thought-provoking articles, the pages are sprinkled with pictures, quotes and maybe even a recipe or two.


I was excited to get some reviews of my new Mag-Let and share them with you today! I really appreciate the positive input! I love the little booklets myself. They hold many inspiring thoughts and much wisdom from the past. I think they are well worth the read. 🙂

“I enjoyed this book so much. These are articles that can be read and reread many times especially when your spirits need a ‘pick-me-up’. I especially liked the little thoughts and sayings sprinkled throughout the book. So full of wisdom!” -Julie S.

“Oh it’s purely delightful to cuddle up with a cup of tea and my Finer Femininity Maglet. 🙂 I LOVE IT! Can’t wait for the Christmas edition!!” -Elizabeth V.

“This book is very refreshing to read. It is very beautifully written and easy to read. This book encourages you to realize that your efforts are worth it. It enlightens you to do better in a positive way and gives you confidence that you can be good in a not-so-good world. If you want an all-around good book this is it. I look forward to each new publication!” -Emily

“Love it! This is something i will pick up over and over to read” -Sarah

So….if you like my book, won’t you please leave a review?