OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfrom True Womanhood – Rev. Bernard O’Reilly

The Spaniards say, “Shut the door and the Devil passes by;” the true woman who understands this, will know how to preserve her home-sanctuary from evil.

It is, comparatively, an easy task to cultivate and cherish in one’s own life and in the souls of those nearest and dearest to one, all the sweet virtues and holy habits indicated above, or connected with true piety. But how hard it is, when once evil habits have been formed, to resist or reform them!
There are certain horrible skin diseases to which persons of the purest blood and most refined nature are most liable.And the terrible poison, sometimes caught by a breath or a touch of the hand, once deposited in blood hitherto untainted, will spread instantaneously, and commit the most fearful ravages.

So is it with souls highly privileged: a single voluntary act of sin may be followed by such a state of spiritual leprosy, that all their former beauty and glory appear changed into hideous deformity and seemingly incurable corruption.

Be careful to keep evil far away from the hearts of your dear ones; and close and bar the door of your home at all times, when you know that wickedness is abroad in the street or on the highway.

Keep out the fatal influences which might weaken or destroy the precious boon of Christian faith in your household; bar and bolt your door against uncharitableness, immodesty, and that odious spirit of irreverence toward age, authority, and all that our fathers have taught us to respect and love.

And, O women who read this, learn here how to make your home, though never so poor and bare, lovely to your dear ones and an object of respect and envy to all who know you.

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