“Listening to my husband when he talks has done more than anything to bring down the barriers and create love in our marriage. Often he opens up when I just sit quietly with him, saying nothing. I’m just there, available. I’m not in the other room, sewing, or vacuuming. He begins to talk and share his dreams or plans and we both get excited.” – Helen Andelin


“The thought of the importance of your position as a Catholic mother should be a source of joy to you, but your battle will often be hard and your spiritual consolations few. It is good sometimes to know that although you have sacrificed many of the things modern ’emancipated’ women value so highly, your humble position is still the proudest in society. You are the possessor of the hand that rocks the cradle and rules the world. You are to be the comforter, the unchanging inspiration, and the educator of souls.” – Fr. Lovasik




“Remember that education is a matter of the heart, of which God is the sole Master, and we will be unable to achieve anything unless God teaches us, and puts the key in our hands. Let us strive to make ourselves loved, and we will see the doors of many hearts open with great ease, and join with us in singing praises and blessing of Him who wished to make Himself our model, our way, our example in everything, but especially in the education of the young.” -St. John Bosco


“A special time to prove to a man that he is number one in your life is when he comes home from work. Make it a pleasant time for him.” -Helen Andelin



“Although good homemaking is an admirable virtue, it can be overdone. Create a home, not a showplace. A man appreciates efforts for his sake, but doesn’t want homemaking to take priority over him, or things he considers more important. The castle is not more important than the king that dwells therein.” – Helen Andelin






“The thought is very beautiful—that youth must gather the sweet things of life—the flowers, the fragrant odors, which lie everywhere, so that old age may be clothed with gladness. We do not realize how much of the happiness of our after years, will depend upon the things we are doing today. It is our own life that gives color to our skies, and tone to the music that we hear in this world. The song or the discord which rings in our ears—we may think it is made by other voices—but it is really the echo of our own yesterdays.” – J.R. Miller



“God has thus put into the hand of the parents at their own hearthstone, a power greater than that which kings and queens wield, and which must issue in either the weal or the woe of their children. It would surely seem to be worth while to make any sacrifice of personal comfort or pleasure—to transmit a legacy of holy memories which shall be though all the years, like a host of pure angels hovering over those we love, to guard and guide them.” J.R. Miller



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