Two Book Reviews – Conversation with Christ, Treasure and Tradition


I want to share with you today two books that I have been reading that have been very valuable in my Catholic journey.  🙂

The first book is Conversation with Christ.


This book is helping me with meditation and prayer. It is based on St. Teresa of Avila’s way of prayer, it is in layman’s terms, down-to-earth and user-friendly. I highly recommend it!

From Amazon:

About the Author

The Rev. Father Peter Thomas Rohrbach, O.C.D., is a Carmelite priest and author. Born in 1926 and based in Washington, D.C., he has also served as an editor for the Catholic quarterly Spiritual Life. His Conversation with Christ, dedicated to our Lady of Mount Carmel, was first published in 1956 by Fides Published, Illinois, with the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. Father Rohrbach’s work was also printed by TAN in 2010.

This volume grounded me. It helped me to move from a self-centered mysticism into a human being blessed to find his life re-immersed daily in the life of Jesus Christ. The “Conversation with Christ” that one is drawn into through the teachings of Teresa of Avila leads to frequent repentance, regular returning to the Lord, ongoing petition to be more and more available for the uses Jesus has for us, even into old age.


An explanation for everyone of St. Teresa of Avila’s teaching about personal prayer, especially the prayer of meditation, which she calls the “royal highway to Heaven.” Though a mystic, St. Teresa was an eminently practical person, and that quality imbues her approach to prayer – and this book. Filled with saintly wisdom. Easy to understand. Highly recommended by Fr. Dubay, author of “Fire Within”.


Superb, practical, deep, non-fanatical. Opens vistas unimagined.
Christian meditation and prayer at its finest, not always begging for things, but adoring, knowing, becoming one with Christ.
Ends the dryness of the spiritual life.
And it is not hard either.
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This book is truly a treasure!
From the back of the book:
“Whether you’ve been attending the Extraordinary Form of the Mass for years, or are merely curious about it, this guide is designed to open up the riches contained within the Mass to all. Inside, you will find a word-for-word English translation of the Latin text of the Mass, together with photos, diagrams, notes and explanations that will help you not only to follow along, but also to understand the history and significance of the ceremonies in which you are taking part. In addition, you will find sections explaining the main di8fferences between the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms, a discussion comparing the development of the Mass with that of its sister liturgy, the Divine office, an exploration of the English translations of the Bible, a full glossary, and finally, recommended prayers intended to help you prepare when receiving the sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.”
Page-by-page we have been delving into it as a family in order to understand more fully the beautiful Tridentine Mass. It is rich in beautiful images and explanations of every point of the Mass, its deep symbolism, its reverent sacrifice…and its bond with our Catholic heritage.
I am not familiar with the following websites but in looking at reviews I found these two helpful:
Shower of Roses has given a wonderful review here.
Another review with pictures here.

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(Thank you, Hannah!): I just bought this book about a week ago, and I already love it! The stories are well-written, clear, and childlike without being “dumbed-down.” My kids range in age from 10 to 5, and they each really appreciate the stories. I like that there is a good selection of discussion questions, some of which are open-ended, and some of which are review. Perfect item for this busy homeschool mama!

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