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Some thoughts today to spur you on to simplifying your home and therefore your life!  101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter by Emilie Barnes


To-Do Lists

Make a to-do list. List what you are going to do today to get rid of all your excess. It might include such things as:

-Discard all the old magazines on the coffee table.

-Have your son go through his sock drawers and take out what he isn’t using.

-Go through the refrigerator, including all containers and vegetable drawers, and toss out all expired and inedible foods. Reorganize each shelf.

-Start a compost pile in the backyard and put those vegetable leftovers to good use feeding your garden.

No More Excuses

Stop making excuses about why you keep all that clutter. Stop saying:

-Ugly $11.95 lamp: I only bought it to change a $20 bill.

-Leaky pans and buckets: Someday I’ll use them outdoors and put a plant in them.

-Old sewing patterns: I’m waiting until I have time to go through them.

-An old sweater: I paid good money for this.

-Old Christmas cards: Someday I’m going to use them for a decoupage picture.

-An old platter: I may need it someday.

Do you recognize a few of these justifications? Eliminate the excuses and you’ll make your life so much easier. Practice this today.

New Items In—Old Items Out

There is a great deal of wisdom in letting go of whatever chokes out the vitality in your life. When we’re bogged down with too much of the old stuff, we don’t make room for new ideas, fresh spaces, and creative living.

Try saying, “When something new comes in, something old must go.”

Now put it into practice. Next time you shop and make a purchase, try to think of what item you will discard when you get home. Believe me, this can be a great way to keep your spending in check and helps ease the potential buildup of stuff.

This rule is a huge help when you face a great sale. When you’re standing in front of a sign that reads “Buy one, get one free,” it’s easy to load up without having a plan or place for anything you purchase that day.

These items rarely find a permanent place in your home because you hadn’t thought through their purpose or possibility—you just responded to the word “Sale!” Stick with the rule.

Unfinished Business

Do you ever feel like you’re running in circles? Do you put off new pursuits because you are spending your precious time juggling projects that are never completed?

Make a list of five projects you would love to finish. Tackle these one at a time. You’ll find that as you clear away the unfinished business, you’ll be free to reach for new pursuits.

Don’t delay your goals and aspirations. Which terminal projects are eating up the most time?

Give yourself an absolute deadline to complete each one or consider letting go of the project altogether.

Which projects are the most overwhelming and which have the highest priority? If you take care of a couple that are time sensitive, you’ll give yourself breathing room and a sense of accomplishment.

Consider the ones that absolutely must get done because others are counting on them or because they have a deadline. There’s your starting place!

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