Advent and the Stable


Wow, This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent!! We will be scurrying to try and be on time and have our Advent wreath out, our Advent Calendar up and our stable started.

Some years we don’t get started right on time and that’s okay. But we will give it a go this week and see how things turn out!

The big one is the stable. We make it our main focus throughout the Advent season.

Our four-wheeler is out of commission so we will be taking a walk through the field and dragging back big and small items from nature to begin our scene.

It is always a messy, fun time….branches, dirt and rock laying all over the area we  are working.

Below are older pictures to give you an idea of what we do for our stable. They are taken from two different years so don’t get confused.  All the figurines of the Nativity are added in slowly, with the Baby Jesus making His entrance after Midnight Mass.

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