St. Nicholas, Stable, Stockings ‘n’ Stuff


It has been a wonderful, busy Advent so far…..and photos just seem to say it all!

The one thing we had to forego was the Spiritual Christmas Crib. A big treadmill that we are selling was in the way of where we usually put the poster boards. And now that the treadmill is moved, it is so close to Christmas that we will save the poster board for next year…..just telling you so you know that our Advents aren’t perfect here…….Let me rephrase that…..life is not perfect here……ever.

Rosie is slightly better, I think. Her nights are the biggest cross. She is exhausted but can’t sleep. So please, in your charity, continue to pray for her. It is much appreciated!

In spite of that, we got our stable together, we have had the St. Nicholas Party for the parish and we have our Advent tree up! We just had our Blessing of the Christmas Tree last night.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Click on the first picture to view the gallery:



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