-by Me <3

Christmas is almost here,
2015 fades away.
A year that has had lots of joy,
Though sadness was not far away.

From atrocities in the Middle East;
Paris, San Bernardino and more…
Our ears are filled with things
That shake us to the core.

Won’t Our Lord hear our prayers?
Will He not conquer our enemies?
Will He not come with His mighty sword,
And smack down their atrocities?

Then Christmas comes and a Babe is born.
“Peace, Good Will to all men”, He does say.
Our majestic and gentle King sounds the call,
For us to get down on our knees and to pray.

With the rosary as our weapon,
With prayer as our protective shield,
We will overrule our enemies;
It is the sword that we will wield!

Knowing the sufferings of others,
Gives us pause to thank and recall;
All the gifts that we have been given,
And to be grateful for them all!

Let us thank Him for our homes;
For a bed to lay upon;
For families that love us;
For His Shoulder to cry upon.

For the laughter that rings in our homes,
For the hugs and kisses, too!
They are all such precious gifts;
We remember to say, “Thank you.”

As the next year approaches,
We count our blessings galore.
In this Year of Mercy we pray,
For those who suffer and don’t have more.

No, our cup is not half empty;
It is definitely overflowing!
And we thank this Baby born
For the gifts He keeps bestowing!

As we get one year closer
To reaching that Heavenly Place,
May 2016 bring us blessings;
May our souls keep growing in grace!





We are excited to announce the engagement of Dominic to Sarah! Also, Virginia, Elizabeth, Jeanette and Molly are expecting so we are anticipating the arrival of new grandbabies in 2016! And Rosie is getting better!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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