Bits ‘n’ Pieces to Meditate Upon Today…..


Aprons tell a beautiful story…..a story of love and sacrifice….of baking bread and mopping floors, of planting seeds and household chores. Sadly, many women have tossed the aprons aside and donned their business attire. Wear your apron with joy….it is a symbol of True Womanhood! 🌺 πŸ’—



“Keep before the eyes of the child from his early years, the commandments of God and accustom him to observe them…. Counteract the desire for luxury and pleasure with an education in frankness and simplicity. Youth must learn again to control itself and face privation…. Educate youth in purity … in obedience and respect for authority.” – Pope Pius XII

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Take the time to get some Epiphany water in your home! It is very powerful (and who doesn’t need some good power going on in their homes)! The blessing of Epiphany water has special exorcism prayers that no other holy water has. Use it often….teach your children the value of it and get them used to blessing themselves with it. IMG_4986


Let us make a home that is warm and welcoming, comfortable and freeing-a place where we can express the beauty of our Faith and nurture relationships with people we love. Let us build a home that reflects our personalities and renews our souls. Today, do something special to show your loved ones you care. Put a tablecloth on the table, light a candle, bake a cake, buy some flowers to grace your table….It doesn’t have to be huge….just something to lighten the burdens of the day and to bring a smile to those who cross your threshold.



As the educator and trainer of the immature minds and wills entrusted to you by God, your vocation is difficult. It calls for many qualities that are virtues in themselves: zeal, painstaking effort, patience in weariness, and the humility that joyfully stoops to the level of the child. It is hard work, and the temptation must come at times to abandon the effort and take life easy. Only the seriousness of the undertaking and the knowledge that it is done for God can sustain the untiring effort demanded. – Father Lawrence Lovasikromance-trisha-Sun-Bath


β€œFor me, prayer is an aspiration of the heart, it is a simple glance directed to heaven, it is a cry of gratitude and love in the midst of trial as well as joy!” ❀❀❀-St. Therese of Lisieux



“Respect is very high on a man’s list. Figure out the kinds of things that communicate that respect to him and then decide to respect him. You don’t have to feel it to do it. Respect has a language all of its own… now it’s the matter of becoming fluent in it.” – Lisa Jacobson



Take the time, today, to thank your husband, your sons, your brothers for their labor of love performed each day for their family. Your gratefulness will touch their hearts.❀❀❀



Housewife, Mother – the most beautiful profession!❀❀❀



The wisdom and training you give to your child will determine the outcome. It is not the time to give in to weariness, indifference, laziness or careless neglect. Their souls are in your hands.



Family, Home – It’s where it’s at. Your happiness lies within these four walls. “A good Catholic home is the one supreme need of the hour. And a good Catholic family life alone makes up a good Catholic home.” – Fr. Lovasik



“A true wife makes a man’s life nobler, stronger, grander, by the omnipotence of her love, turning all the forces of manhood upward and heavenward. While she clings to him in holy confidence and loving dependence, she brings out in him whatever is noblest and richest in his being. She inspires him with courage and earnestness. She beautifies his life. She softens whatever is crude and harsh in his habits or his spirit. She clothes him with the gentler graces of refined and cultured manhood. While she yields to him and never disregards his lightest wish, she is really his queen, ruling his whole life and leading him onward and upward in every proper path.” – J.R. Miller


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