I thought you would enjoy these pictures of our very fun Winter Family Dance shared with good, Catholic friends!!

Our dance is a FAMILY dance. Everyone, from Grandpa and Grandma down to Baby and Toddler is welcome at our dance. We visit, we snack, we sit and listen to the music….and a lot of us dance!

Our dances are not “do your own thing” dances. We have square dances, line dances, polkas, children’s dances, etc. There are a few Traditional Western Swings and a few Waltzes.

Our dress code is strict. Anyone that comes into our dances with a less-than-modest outfit won’t feel comfortable.

So….it is a FAMILY AFFAIR.

And if you would like to take part in our next one, which will be part of our whole Traditional Family Weekend, block off your calendar now!! It will be the Weekend of July 15 – 17th, 2016.

There will be a dance, conferences by FSSP priests, a High Mass, a Talent Show, Volleyball, Board Games, a Family Movie….and just real good fellowship.

That being said, here is a video of the Children’s Train Dance led by our son-in-law, Devin and our daughter, Theresa and their little family. And following the video is the gallery. Click on the first picture to view the gallery.

And after you view the pictures, etc.,Β  check to see who won the Rosary Bracelet and the Ginjen Flower Accessory by scrolling to the end of the post……okay you can do that first!! πŸ˜€

IMG_0038 IMG_4993 IMG_0021

Thank you to all for entering the drawing!!

The Winner of the Rosary Bracelet and the Flower Accessory is……..


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