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Organize your day with tips from Emilie Barnes and her book 101 Ways to Clean Out the Clutter !

Prevent Interruptions

Most people are interrupted at least once every five minutes. If this is true for you, analyze what’s causing those interruptions.

You and your situation are unique—the things that disrupt your day are different than the things that disrupt another’s day. If you haven’t studied this loss of time, become aware of it. You will be amazed at how much time is whittled away by these interruptions and disturbances.

Consider how to safeguard your time. There’s nothing wrong with telling people you can see them at 9:30, 12:15, or 6:40 exactly. Even family members can be taught not to interrupt.

Maybe you cause the interruptions by insisting on checking email every few minutes or answering your cell phone even when you are in the middle of something. If you don’t respect your time, others certainly won’t know how to respect your time.

Today Is the Day!

Resolve to make each and every day count. Instead of constantly anticipating tomorrow, live for today.

When you invest in tomorrow’s worries or schedule, you’re missing out on what is supposed to happen or be experienced today!

Have you ever spent a great deal of time fretting over a future obligation or task only to find that it was not that burdensome—but the weeks of worrying were?

Make today count toward your pursuit of a more organized life. Select one item and find an ideal place for it. Now, when that item ends up on the coffee table or on the kitchen counter, you’ll know exactly where it belongs. Your quest to de-clutter your home can truly be this simple.

The Family Communication Center

Hang a bulletin board, pegboard, racks, or other wall-mounted storage where it can be seen by all members of your family. This will become your home “communication center.” Messages can be sent, messages can be received, and messages can be displayed here.

Other helpful supplies to keep in this area include a dry erase board, a calendar, a list of important phone numbers, and a key holder. Encourage your family to use this area by leaving special notes or treats for them to pick up every now and then. This center is really helpful to have in place when babysitters and houseguests are over. Be sure to write a nice greeting on the white board for your guests, or pin a greeting card and their guest keys to the bulletin board.

Purge the Paper Piles

Get rid of extra paper. Almost 90 percent of all paper in your home and office is never referred to again. That’s a staggering amount of paper!

Choose a room, any room, and there is probably a pile of paper stashed in a drawer, cupboard, or even loose on furniture surfaces.

In the kitchen you might have recipes, cooking articles, and grocery lists piling up. In your office school papers, bills, and receipts gather. Your bedroom ends up being a place for scraps of reminder notes and magazines to accumulate.

Pick a room and go straight for the papers. Allow yourself to keep only a few pieces, maybe five, and toss the rest.

Yes, you can keep more if they are important. However, if it’s a piece you haven’t referred to in a while, won’t need anymore or mean to read but never will…it goes.

Toss at least ten times the amount of stuff you keep. Your rooms will look and feel so much better—and so will you.

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