Dominic and Sarah’s wedding was wonderful! The weather was perfect, the High Mass was beautiful, the music was inspiring and the couple looked lovely and happy!

I wanted to share with you these pictures. Most of them are taken by me. The newlyweds will end up having beautiful pictures and I may share some at a later time.

You will see in the following pictures the Marriage Crucifix. This Tradition was just introduced to us and Dominic and Sarah used it in their Nuptial Ceremony. I wanted to include a link to show you what it was about so I googled it. I found a great article on it and lo and behold!…the picture they used in their article was of my first daughter’s wedding. I have seen this particular picture so many times used in Traditional Catholic Wedding articles! Neat! Anyway, here is the link. It is a lovely custom, you WILL want to know about it!

Click on the first picture to view the gallery: