Last year we had a fashion show featuring Virginia’s hand-made clothes. If you would like to browse through it, the link is here.

This year we are just having lots of fun modeling our spring clothes we have bought inexpensively along the way….at Goodwill, Major Thrift Store and other “thrifty” places.

A lot of these wardrobe choices are every day wear. Most of our daily duties are accomplished wearing outfits comparable to these….with an apron donned over top.

Granted, some are Sunday wear, and you will be able pick those ones out.Β  Sometimes, though, it is hard to tell. πŸ™‚

We are not afraid to wear what others would deem “too dressy”. Since our wardrobe is made up of skirts, nice tee-shirts or tops we don’t freak out if we get them dirty. Most aprons handle it fine and for the rest we “Shout it Out”(Stain remover).

You can read a sweet, little history of aprons here.

If we are scooping manure or weed eating, then we will pull out the scrubbies. Even then, it is still a skirt, but it would be a definite “work skirt”. My daughter, Rosie, who is 16, does some pretty dirty work with her dad. She wears a skirt made with tougher material (paint, stains and all) and her skecher sneakers.

Maybe it will give you some inspiration. If anything, it sure is fun just to look and see what other ladies are doing with their wardrobes, don’t you think?

You may want to take a look at this wonderful book Dressing with Dignity: Second Edition
by Colleen Hammond. I did a short review on it here.

We can influence our environment just by our example, one step at a time….whether it is with our smile, our kindness and, yes, even our attire. I think we would be amazed the ripple effect we have on our own little worlds, without needing to say a thing. πŸ™‚

For those who are on Facebook, Colleen also has a group called Dressing With Dignity, where ladies share articles on modest fashions, wardrobe choices and are just able to support one another along the way. It is an uplifting group and is focused on making more modest choices, with charity to all on their wardrobe journey!

Colleen’s tagline is “DRESSING WITH DIGNITY challenges the indecent fashions for today’s woman HEAD ON!”

As an aside, you can take a look at her new book, The Correct Thing, here.

Here is our 2014 Finer Femininity Spring Fashion Show:

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