No spiritual lesson in this post, folks! Just an outlet so I can show you my latest photos! πŸ˜€

It may look like a flawless life from afar, so I borrow these words from Charlotte Siems (revised into my own thoughts):

Lest you think I’ve sailed through life creating an atmosphere of impeccable Catholicism, with perfect kids and an always-loving and warm relationship with my dear hubby, I assure you these lessons are still being learned.
Many times I feel inadequate to the task. It is like trying to pour water from a dry bucket. Giving your family what you they need spiritually, physically and mentally is a monumental task. It cannot be done without grace…..without forgiveness and patience….and mostly for ourselves.

There are many lessons to be learned and much of self to be overcome.

Creating a happy Catholic home life is difficult. It is a life-long journey and the struggle will not end.

If we lean heavily on His grace through His Church, if we put our hand in Our Lady’s hand, They will supply what we don’t have. They know all about love and building beautiful homes.

It is worth the fight.

That being said πŸ™‚ , our spring and beginning of summer has been incredible with family and friends making each season so special!

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