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It was an amazing thing to read the following Review from a friend, Mary Fifer, to whom I had given my Catholic Mother Goose Book.

She is busy with her own home duties and her Apostolate, one that works to promote Catholic Culture within the family, and so I was thrilled that she liked my book, and, surprisingly, to promote it like she did. I did not expect it.

Mary’s websites are:

St. Anne’s Helper

Color With Fuzzy

Print ‘N’ Practice

She has many things for Catholic parents to peruse so please take a moment to stop by her sites! Her downloads and products will help you to make the liturgy come alive more fully into your home through coloring pages for Feast Days, Catechism Audios for your children, etc.

Here is the link to the whole review of my  book, which includes titles of many of the poems and some pictures. A portion of it I have quoted below:

I don’t often make recommendations yet when Leane Vanderputten gave me her new book to review, Catholic Mother Goose, I couldn’t refuse.

I read her book cover to cover, and I love the whole thing. I think that it has the best Mother Goose nursery rhymes on the planet!

For over 25 years I’ve searched for unconditionally good books for younger children and her Catholic Mother Goose is a dream come true. It was an honest pleasure to read her book. This is how all Catholic books ought to be written. No Wite-Out necessary!

You can put it right next to your Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson rhyme books. You can read it to your little ones and assign it to your older children. I’ll bet that by putting it in the living room, it will be read without suggestion.

I wish I’d had it for our children when they were little, and I’ve got it on my list for when grandchildren come. I’m so glad to have a truly good Catholic book to recommend to family and friends for Catholic preschool and kindergarten and I’m very glad to be able to add it to our website.

This is the kind of Catholic book our children need!



Nursery rhymes are fun, yet did you ever feel as if you wanted to correct the old Mother Goose rhymes? I did. I often felt that they were nonsensical and that I should have our children learn rhymes that were more useful in their lives or that would help them remember the catechism. Leane has “written the book” that’s fun and also edifies children.

As a matter of fact, for me, I found very little time for nursery rhymes. I had read a Mother Goose book a time or two and did not like it myself so I did not read it often to the children. I’ve read the old Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes to little children and saw that the main thing they did was search the pictures, sometimes not so nice pictures. They often looked at me strangely wanting to know if the stories made sense or if that was truly the end of the story.

But this book! If we would have had Leane’s Catholic Mother Goose book (buy at Amazon), things would have been different. She has lovely rhymes with lovely pictures that are great for kids to read again and again. I would start early with my preschool children by simply sharing the Mother Goose stories as we cuddle on the couch for read aloud time. I’ve already shown Leane’s book to several children who loved the pictures right away.

The pictures are the type I would have loved to have been able to color when I was a child. Becky Melechinsky drew many drawings that could be colored like a coloring book and Leane’s photos are darling pictures of children that could also be colored. This would make a wonderful project for older children who could keep their own copy like a Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes coloring book to keep through the years. I would give this to my children as keepsakes because Leane’s Catholic Mother Goose is also a great second and third grade reading book.

All in all, I think Leane VanderPutten has created a book that you’ll love right now and that your children will love for generations for the very reason Leane gives in her Foreword:

“It gives us some lovely rhymes that can, and should, be committed to heart by your children. Not only will it provide all the benefits of reading and memorizing, but it will supply some simple reflections that will turn those little minds to what is most important in their lives….their Catholic Faith.”

catholic-mother-goose-nursery-rhymes mother-goose-stories

Thank you so much, Mary Fifer!!


Also a big thanks to Fraternity Publications who is also carrying my books.

Some of you may know of a bookstore that might be interested in carrying my books. I am more than happy to send them a complimentary copy! Please give them my email address: vinceandleane@earthlink.net and if it ends up being a go with that particular bookstore, you will also get a copy as a special thank you!


Finally, today I would like to offer you a Summer Giveaway!!

As most of you know, I make these rosaries with the greatest of care. Each link is handmade and wrapped around itself and the bead to make it not only very durable, but also unique and lovely. So, it is of heirloom-quality and something I believe you will treasure!

That being said, just leave a comment here on this post…..a cheery hi! or whatever and I will enter you into the drawing which will be held on Tuesday, August 9th. I use a computer program called Random Picker and it will “pull the name out of the hat” for me!

Thanks for supporting my blog, Finer Femininity, and let’s continue to work together to bring back Catholic Culture to the our families, to society and to the Church, one day at a time!








“Holy water is water blessed by a priest with solemn prayer, to beg God’s blessing on those who use it, and protection from the powers of darkness. Have some holy water in your home. A holy water font is part of the equipment of a complete Catholic home. Use this powerful sacramental to help you keep clear of sin, and strengthen your desire to serve God in the name of the holy sign of the cross. Amen.” – Fr. Arthur Tonne, 1950



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