I want to thank all of you who wrote the encouraging and kind comments on the Giveaway! They are very much appreciated and it is so good to hear from you! Also, thank you for the condolences and prayers for my dear mother-in-law! We are all very grateful!

Now I will tell you who the winner of the Giveaway!

The winner of the Heirloom-Quality, Handcrafted Rosary is……drum roll…..


CONGRATULATIONS, Marianne! I sent you an email….


I thought you would enjoy these pictures of our Traditional Family Weekend we had on July 15th. As always, it was fun, and at the same time, spiritually uplifting. Fr. Fongemie talked about vocations and courting. Fr. Allen talked about the role of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the family! They were fantastic conferences!

The volleyball was lively, the dance was lovely, the Talent Show was great! Maybe you can make it next July??

Click on the first picture to view the gallery. After you peek at the pictures, click off the gallery and view the video at the end….

Our youngest girls had been fooling around with an act for the Talent Show but we weren’t going to fuss with it because of the practicing and all that needed to be done to polish it up. We were too busy, so it went on the back burner. Well, it was looking like we were not going to have enough acts for the Talent Show. So I asked to see this act and was surprised how good they were at it! I guess they didn’t need too much practice at………bickering! See for yourself: