This last weekend was memorable for my family. My husband, Vincent, and most of the children at home went on a chartered bus from Kansas to Oklahoma City with a bus load of 58 people from our parish to peacefully protest the black mass that was being held at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City.

Let me backtrack. Our parish started a Knights of Columbus Council committed to the Traditional Mass about two years ago. Many men of the parish are involved. I could go on with a list of what these men have done for our parish in helping the needy, boosting morale, being there to raise money and serve food at funerals, cooking, cleaning……It is truly amazing!

Our Council is named after Father Kenneth Walker who was murdered just over two years ago. He himself was a Fourth Degree Knight and his father, Tom Walker, is also a Fourth Degree Knight and belongs to our Council.

Back to the Protest…..The Knights of Columbus raised $2800.00 to charter the bus (that’s a lot of money for a small parish with lots of big families!) and, with singing and praying, the band of 58 Catholics made their way to do what they could to make reparation for this terrible outrage that was taking place on Our Lady’s Feast of the Assumption.

Below are some pictures of our group at the Protest. My husband is Grand Knight of our Council and had the special privilege of leading the Procession.

On the Bus:

My husband, Vincent:


Grandsons, Edward and Antonio:



Rosie and Margy with their dad.





Gabe Bogowith, Tom Walker, Vince VanderPutten, John Doucette, John Dorsey:


Hubby, Vincent, on the left, Mr. Tom Walker (Fr. Kenneth Walker’s dad) on the right:



Processing with Our Lady:


Yes, we CAN make a difference! “Adam Daniels, who led the Black Mass, said attendance at this annual black mass is usually low because people may be scared to attend. He said the Christian events held in response to his also keep attendance down.

‘When you have the whole Roman legion out there, how likely are they to come and buy tickets?’ he said.” -Fox News


On another note here is a beautiful video of nuns taking the Veil in 1963:


And I think you will enjoy this one. *Note: Definition of a Millennial – a person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000….


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