A Winner!


Well, it’s happened. We have a new president-elect! Whew! It was grueling in our house, with the holy hours, prayers and then the tension of such a close running! What a white-knuckling, teeth-grinding race! But prayers pay off!! Yes, they do!

Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and pray for our new President-Elect, Donald Trump!

We must continue to offer our prayers for a Church full of sinners and a country and world full of sinners….yes, for all of us! We have quite a lot of “work” to do, don’t we?

What a treasure of ammunition we have in the Holy Catholic Church….everything from the sacramentals, the indulgences, prayers with amazing promises, First Fridays and First Saturdays all the way to the Sacramental Grace Blockbusters…..the Sacraments, the Holy Eucharist being our Daily Bread in this crazy world!


The following thoughts are from the Precious Blood and Mother prayer book:


Trust Him

Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee,

Trust Him, when thy strength is small;

Trust Him, when to simply trust Him,

Seems the hardest thing of all.

Trust Him, He is ever faithful,

Trust Him! for His will is best;

Trust Him! for the Heart of Jesus,

Is the only place of rest.


Yesterday, the day of the elections we went to Atchison, KS to go to the Benedictine College (I had never been there before), in order to venerate the Pilgrim Virgin. This particular statue was the one that wept for several days in New Orleans just before Roe v. Wade in the 1970’s.

It was exciting to see her and to pray before her for the elections!

Here is a picture. The sun was glaring (either that or she was just glowing) so we didn’t get a great photo. It was a beautiful statue!img_7642



Last night, the evening of the elections, when, I admit,  we didn’t dare to hope, I saw the following very consoling post online. How could one NOT be brazen enough to hope??

The Sisters rose at 5 a.m. (as every day), prayed their Eucharistic Adoration Hour and Divine Office, attended Mass, grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed immediately to the polls to cast their ballots on this very important day of our nation’s history! MOTHER MARY, WE TRUST IN YOUR PROTECTION!! — TO JESUS THROUGH MARY!



Our Sisters are praying! While the polls are open, our Sisters will be before the Blessed Sacrament, begging our Lord through the intercession of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, for wisdom on this Election Day.



A week ago….November, mind you!!…we all decided to go golfing. Well, the guys golfed, we tore around in the golf carts. The wives had fun watching and just enjoying the nice weather….and we have had such fantastic weather lately!!

img_7534 img_7536 img_7540


Enjoying the nice weather on the Holy Day, November 1st! Grandpa loves his grandchildren and likes to get them riled up, even if it means a casualty or two!



Little, sweet Magdalene, the epitome of fashion in her new, handmade poncho and booties! First photo with Aunt Rosie, second with Mom Jeanette.

img_7586 img_7599


A typical Sunday potluck….



Vin and Gin brought Juliette to the Clay Shooting…haha!


Beautiful in their purple….Virginia, Emma, Juliette!



Margy, excited and hopeful about the outcome of the election! 😀



I usually try not to inundate you with personal posts as that is not the aim of this site, but I couldn’t resist putting this post up so close to the last one! It was just too exciting to win the election!

Continue to pray! It is what won the election, it is what will turn this country around. Cover Mr. Trump over with the Precious Blood of Jesus and Our Lady’s Mantle that he may make wise and prudent decisions.

God bless America, and thank God for listening to our prayers!!

img_7653 img_7654

Michael Voris doing his Happy Dance in the middle of the night! Hey, I know how he felt!





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