Building Catholic Culture and Two New Catholic Hearth Storybooks!


This last Sunday, Father gave a wonderful sermon. He preached on the little things that parents do that build Catholic Culture within the hearts of their children.

If an effort is not made in these little things, the Faith will be lost in the rubble and noise of the world…

He gave the example of one of his fond memories when he was pastor of a parish in another state.

After Mass, the mother and her older children of this particular large family would say their thanksgiving, genuflect and head out of the Church.The dad stayed behind with his little toddler (18 – 24 months). They got out into the middle of the aisle and the dad pointed up to the tabernacle and said, “There’s Jesus.” to his little man. Then he gently took the little boy’s knee and bent it so that a genuflection-of-sorts was made.

Yes, this was the beginning for this little guy…..the beginning of a long road of “little things” that would help him to eventually make wise choices when it came to the big things.

We often don’t realize the impact of those lessons, those Catholic lessons, that are taught each day to our children. It is so much worth the effort! The signs of the cross, kneeling to say prayers, dipping fingers in holy water, laying fresh flowers at the statue of Our Lady, etc., etc. These are gold nuggets that will live on in your children’s lives.

The following two books are to help you parents with those little things…..They are story books from my new little series, “Catholic Hearth Stories”. I wrote them especially for my grandchildren….and am sharing them with your children and grandchildren.

Catholic Hearth Stories are tales filled with traditional, old-fashioned values. They are about everyday situations in the life of a Catholic family…Tales about home, friends, fun, sacrifice, prayer, etc. These are full-color books sure to capture the heart of your children.

You can order both of them together here at my Meadows of Grace Shoppe. They are more affordable this way and have free shipping.  If you have Prime you can order them on Amazon with free shipping.

They would make unique and lovely Christmas gifts! Each book is about 35-40 pages of full-color pictures that tell a lovely Catholic story. They are appropriate for ages (approximately) 4 – 12 years.


Meet Agnes, a fourteen-year-old Catholic girl, who is challenged to make a sacrifice. Will she cheerfully accept what she knows is God’s will in this situation?


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Meet Joseph, a Catholic boy who wants to enter the Parish Bow Shoot but doesn’t have a bow. How does he overcome this obstacle and what lessons does he learn along the way?


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“Devote yourself to your labor as well as to the fulfillment of all your duties energetically and with a pure intention to please God and make yourself useful to your neighbor. Raise your heart to God from time to time by means of fervent ejaculations (short, quick prayers to heaven), that it may not be narrowed by earthly occupations.” – Fr. Lasance, My Prayer Book


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