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What better gift can we give than the words of wisdom that come from these good books. Words that inspire and uplift, words that can change a life!


The Valiant Woman

by Monseigneur Landriot, Archbishop of Rheims,
Translated from the French by Helena Lyons

“Long out of print, this rare jewel is destined to become the favored spiritual guide for Catholic wives and mothers. Msgr. Landriot gave these conferences over 100 years ago, but they are as relevant to us today as the Gospels. This book is a guide for women who want to achieve sanctity in the home. Reading this book is the best thing you could do for your husband and children, as well as for yourself. This book was published to help women to raise and keep their families Catholic.” – Loreto Publications



Sins of the Tongue or Jealousy in Woman’s Life

by Monseigneur Landriot, Archbishop of Rheims,
Translated from the French by Helena Lyons

“This book consists of fifteen discourses (four on Sins of the Tongue, three on Envy and Jealousy, two on Rash Judgments, two on Christian Patience, and four on Grace) that were originally talks given to laywomen of his diocese in the late 19th century. At the beginning the good Archbishop says “I propose, my children, to give you some instructions on the tongue, and the faults which it causes us to commit. I shall commence today by speaking of the power and beauty of that organ, of the noble use which ought to be made of it, and of the many advantages we may derive from it.” There is precious little teaching on the topics covered in these instructions which is accessible to the average man and woman of today.”  Loreto Publications


This particular book I read three times. It is excellent and would be good for anyone, but especially the young ladies in your life.


The story of “Terisita” Quevedo (1930-50), the Catholic beauty who wanted to become a saint

The life of the party, a dancer, an expert tennis and basketball player, popular, Maria Theresa Quevedo wanted more—eternal glory. She entered Carmel before finishing high school and her cause for canonization is under examination. “For him alone I lived,” she said, and Mary was her secret.

A female St. Dominic Savio. A Spanish bishop is quoted in the book:

“The book which you have in your hands is not one to leaf through and set aside for someone else to read. That God has placed it in your hands should be sufficient to assure you that there is something in it written for you. If you are a man, prepare to enter into a beautiful and chaste feminine world. If you are a father, the intimacy of the authentic Catholic family sketched on these pages will delight you. If you are a woman, there are a million things in this book for you. If you are a young girl, walking the same path as that of Teresita, it will fascinate you! Whoever you are, read to the end and you will learn how a holy and happy young girl finds God.” -Angelus Press


Ah yes! Christ in the Home! A real treasure, that is for sure. I took this book and did a complete PowerPoint presentation on it. Families and young people met every Monday night to read some of it on the Projector Screen with pictures added. It took 5 months to get through it but what a wonderful wealth of wisdom this book has! Worth every penny, indeed!


Christ in the Home – Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J.

Ideal for the engaged, marriage instruction classes, and for those married many years. This guidebook to finding a happy marriage, keeping a happy marriage, and raising happy children has been out of print for over 50 years. Loads of practical and spiritual advice on family life and raising children that will never be outdated because the principles are as timeless as human nature and virtue. Dominicana stated in 1951:

This is a work that fulfills the needs of the marriageable and the married – it not only unveils Christian Marriage in its majestic supernatural setting, but it is also a solid psychological guide to a tremendously successful married life. Fr. Plus points out, that “supernatural love, far from suppressing natural love, makes it more tender, more attentive, more generous; it intensifies the sentiments of affection, esteem, admiration, gratitude, respect, and devotion which constitute the essence of true love.

A series of meditations grouped under four general sections: Courtship, Marriage, the Home, and the Training of Children. His section on imparting sex knowledge to children will be helpful to parents faced with this complex problem and duty.

It is sad to know that many young Catholic couples entering marriage today will never enjoy the happiness of true love because they are tainted with worldly ideas on marriage culled from the mass media. Fr. Plus strikes at the root of these evils by presenting Marriage in its true light as a sacrament. -Angelus Press



How many opportunities do we, as wives and mothers, have each day to do God’s will, not our own?? Many….many. We do not need a retreat to figure this out. A wife and a mother’s journey is laying down her life for those she loves. And we prove it each time we tend to the needs around us. We learn that most important life-lesson that the hermit in the desert is learning…..to lay down our lives for Christ.
-Leane Vdp, Painting by Trent Gudmundsen



The truly religious wife finds God at Mass and from Him receives the strength to become the ideal helpmate to her husband. She does not leave God at church but keeps Him with her every minute of the day in every nook and cranny of her home. Each menial, repetitious task she must perform is a work of love for her husband and children, and through them, a work of love for her Creator. – Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J. 1950’s

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“A happy heart, a smiling face, loving words and deeds, and a desire to be of service, will make any woman beautiful.” – Mable Hale



“We must live in the present moment. This is the only moment within our hands, the only one that can make us happy. The past exists no more; let us leave it to the Divine Mercy. And, though it does not yet exist, let us entrust the future to God’s loving Providence and live happily in the present.” -Fr. Narciso Irala, S.J.



The Magic of Gratitude
“Before, I always remembered to complain when my husband didn’t do something he was supposed to, but I rarely remembered to thank him for what he had done. Naturally, he felt that his efforts were invisible, as though it didn’t matter what he did or how hard he tried.
Today, I’m quick to thank him for big and small things alike, even if I consider them his responsibility, such as taking out the trash, driving us home from a late party, or paying the bills. I used to worry that if I thanked him, he would come to see those jobs as optional. Now I realize that expressing my gratitude just lets him know I notice how hard he works, and that I don’t take it for granted. He does more than ever for me, and seems happy to do them — all because I say thank you.” -Surrendered Wife



“The first area that you must succeed in, since you are a woman, is in the home, in the roles of compassionate wife, diligent mother, and successful keeper of the home. Yes, the key to your happiness lies within your own four walls. To reach these goals you may have to go beyond the call of duty…go the second mile, doing more than is asked or expected. ” -FW



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