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Happy Almost Advent! What a beautiful time of the year! One can’t help getting into the Christmas….I mean Advent, spirit, can one? Some chatty things….


I thought you’d like this one. Our little granddaughter, Nini (Sienna) is 4 and is very observant and articulate. This is the text I got from her mom, Theresa:

Nini: Can I have an orange?

Me (Mom): No.

Nini: But, Mom, this is Oranging Day, cuz that guy won (Donald Trump), to lead us in our country!


Haha! Smart Kid. It’s worth a try…..



Father gave a sermon this Sunday about Advent. It was very good…the kind that just sticks.

Do you remember 2010 and the Chilean Mining Accident? Thirty-three men were in a collapsed mine, 2300 ft. underground and 3 miles from the entrance to the cave! And they were there for 69 days!! Frightening!!

How they must have longed for the light! How they must have longed to be rescued! I really can’t imagine.

President of Chile visiting the miners at the hospital after they were rescued:


Father then compared that longing to the longing of men before Christ’s coming. How they longed for the light and to be rescued!

We, too, must stir up a longing for the Christ Child at Christmas through our Advent preparations and sacrifices, whatever they may be. The more we put into Advent, the more will be the fulfilling of our heart at Christmas by Him who loves us so much!


Then Father talked about the Blue Ox in the story of the very big lumberjack, Paul Bunyan. Father is from Minnesota and that is where the story originated.

The Blue Ox was so big that you could tie the end of a road onto his neck and he would pull and pull, until it straightened right out…so they say. ๐Ÿ˜€

(Father is very smart to tell these stories because that’s the glue that makes the sermon stick.)


Anyway, he went on to ask what windy roads we have between God and ourselves?ย  What is it in our life that makes it hard to get to God and for Him to get to us? What vices, addictions, attachments and other things are in the way of giving our lives to Him?

Whatever it is, we need to work on them, pray about them, go to confession….make those winding, hard-to-travel roads straight again! It is a must if we are to grow in virtue and love of God!

Great meditations!


These are our granddaughters Emma and Sienna. As you can see, it starts young….after many minutes in the bathroom they emerge…ready for town!




Some good games of Life and Cribbage going on!



Rosie and Magdalene:





Each day is a chance to grow in virtue and it begins with the little things. Show your husband you care….listen to him, smile at him, give him a hug when he doesn’t expect it. Your children are watching and courtesy and love are contagious! This Advent can be special…. it starts with you!



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