ChitChat and a Gallery


It has been a lovely Christmas season so far. It has been whizzing by….I find that life is doing that on a regular basis. You, too?

When my girls mention often, ‘Wow, the weekend is here already!” then I wonder if the hours still DO have 60 minutes in them? I thought that only “older” people felt life was passing quickly! πŸ™‚

A few tidbits…

Theresa has had intense morning sickness all through this season and I know it has been hard on her. Her last pregnancy was especially hard because her “mono” also kicked in. She sent me this poem I thought you would appreciate:

I look down at my test, excitement and fear,

I knew it would be positive, another baby in less than a year.

I struggle with memories, pain from the past,

What others don’t see, in me the scars last.

Each one of us as we journey through life,

Experience times of joy, sorrow and strife.

In the end what controls us is not times from the past,

It is here, it’s the present, the strength to make new memories last.

Our Lord shows us how by the blood that He sweat,

The cross that He carried, the example He set.

All the suffering and pain, with humility born,

Memories yes, but all for the glory of that Easter morn!



Theresa’s little Nini (Sienna) is quite the character. Here’s a conversation that took place last week:

Nini: “Dad, my tummys sick.”

Dev (Dad): ” Next time you’ll know not to drink so much hot chocolate. “

Nini (very loud): ” It’s not that, I got a disease!”




This is David. David is my son-in-law’s brother. He moved into a farmhouse across the way from Devin and Theresa right as Theresa was becoming immobilized with morning sickness. David has been a lifesaver. He drives my girls back and forth, back and forth, as they change places to help Theresa with her young family. We are all grateful for Dave. Would I be somewhat crazy by now without him? Probably. Does God provide? Yes! 😊


Below is a gallery of some doings through the Christmas season. Click on the first one to view them in “gallery mode”.