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365 Things Every Woman Should Know


When you’re passionate, your enthusiasm is contagious!

When you get involved in an activity or a project that you really love to do, you suddenly get out of yourself. You may be volunteering with at risk children, helping the elderly, coaching a sports team, teaching knitting, or creating memory books-whatever you’re excited about doing is worthwhile.

One author said, “Every hobby teaches you something.” What are you learning?

 Spruce Up!:

If you’re spending more time in your kitchen but enjoying it less, it’s time for a few changes.

• If space is part of the problem, store pots on a hanging rack.

• Put “like items” together, such as spices and oils.

• Use baskets to keep things organized.

• Spruce up your kitchen window with some glass shelves and plants.

• You can brighten any kitchen by painting the ceiling white.

• Why not install wonderful under-cabinet task lights? What a difference they can make. Or perhaps add a lamp for soft lighting.


If you’ve got that cluttered or claustrophobic feeling, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a great guideline: For every purchase you bring into the house, something else has to go.

With a new blouse or shirt, out goes an older one. A new table? Out goes the former one. These items are great for a garage sale.

Life can get very complicated, and stuff seems to accumulate. Then that “bunched in” feeling occurs.

So the next time you purchase an item, give a like item away or set it aside for a garage sale. Become a giver!

 A Woman of her Word:

Today I encourage you to do what you say you’re going to do. We get into trouble when we don’t keep our promises.

And sometimes we’re not even aware we’ve made a promise. We say, “I’ll call you tonight” or “I’ll get back to you to set a date for lunch,” but don’t follow through.

Does this sound familiar? Get out of the habit of offering to do things you might not do.

Your friends would rather not hear an “I will do” statement if it’s not going to happen.

A friend of mine says, “It takes so little to be above average.” And she’s right!

Develop a reputation for being a woman who does what she says. Your life will have more meaning and people will enjoy being around you.


A little “thank you” goes a long way. Never take anything for granted. When you do something courteous for your husband, use it as an opportunity to remind him that he’s loved.

Say, “This is just another way to show that I love you.” This may sound terribly old-fashioned, but be willing to treat that guy of yours like a king …so he will treat you like a queen.

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Our work within the home can be transformed into a powerful prayer. One day of making meals and changing diapers, of reading stories and sweeping floors, when offered to Our Lord, is worth much more than a day’s work for the heart surgeon or the lawyer who is working just for monetary reasons.
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