This post is just a hodge-podge. I have not used my camera as much in the past couple of months but I managed to eke out…..well, actually quite a few photos…in fact probably too many…. oh well…

First I’d like to share with you what our own Father Angelo VanderPutten is up to in Nigeria, Africa. He has been stationed there for, I think, 4 years now (he’ll correct me if I am wrong….he is not shy about correcting me)!

2 Videos right from Nigeria!

Fascinating, truly fascinating! Thank you for sharing, Father!


Now our gallery…..

Virginia (my oldest daughter) is faithful at sending me pictures. It cheers my day to see something from any of my daughters and their families on my phone!


Here is little Juliette who is 9 mos. old now. She has a very happy nature and is very cute and huggable!



Polka dots! One of my favorites and here Virginia poses with her two daughters, Emma and Juliette (she has 7 children, oldest is 9). Virginia loves to sew for them. She had 4 boys before she had her first girl!

Emma and Juliette. Don’t ask about the butterflies….that’s normal, isn’t it?

Now that’s ONE HAPPY BABY!!!!


Hannah counts the eggs from the chickens…


Her egg-gathering apron!


Just can’t take these young people and their wild parties! πŸ˜›


This was the Saturday of the Winter Family Dance. We had to postpone it the first time because of an ice storm warning. The second time around drew a lot of youth from 6 surrounding states!


There were all sorts of hairdos going on which is always a lot of fun! The attire for the dance was formal and everyone loves to dress up!

img_9746 img_9747



A finished hairdo with one of Virginia’s handmade flowers….lovely! Lots of flowers available at my Meadows of Grace Shoppe!


A couple photos of the dance….


Our dear Father Allen…


Theresa comes over to relax and “let her hair down”!


Theresa is finally up and at ’em after many weeks of debilitating morning sickness. She is posing here with her aunt, my husband’s younger sister, Anna, who is expecting her twelfth!


And here she is with her daughter, Sienna, who has a matching skirt made by a good friend from Maine!

Devin and Theresa….due in July.

A Valentine’s Tea Party at Colin and Z’s! (My son and daughter-in-law)

From Z to me on my phone along with this picture: “Our new crew members! 15 goats in all. So fun and exciting!!”


We went to pick up Rosie who spent a week with the Sisters in Gower, MO. They are Traditional Benedictine Nuns and their complex is amazing!


Sister Scholastica showed us the new building that is the Priest’s Retreat House. Many priests, a lot from the FSSP, come here either for a Priests’ Retreat or to spend a quiet time on their own.


They built the 12 stairs too wide so they decided to put an Apostle on each step! πŸ˜€


The priests’ bedrooms were upstairs and there is a little half door they can open at the end of the hall that looked down on the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel. They can say good night to Jesus, if they wish… Beautiful!

The nuns singing during None.

Legos are a hit at Virginia’s home!

Reading is more of the “in thing” to do since Lent hit!

–Speaking of reading, I got myself a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon over a year ago now and have just started using it! I already had quite a few books downloaded on Kindle but I had been using my phone to read them. I find that the Kindle is easier to read (they do something to the lighting to make it easier on the eyes) and I like that it feels more like a book. I know that’s a facade but, hey, it works! At least for me! I still like lots and lots of β€œreal” books but this is great too and very portable.

Games are ALWAYS the “in thing” to do around here!

Pizza, volleyball, games on Fat Tuesday with Fr. Kodet!

February was a very sick month for us. The flu hit hard! We haven’t been this sick in a long time. Hubby actually missed 2 weeks of work! I was the only one it didn’t take down… know, those special “Mama Antibodies”! Our living room became a sick room. We brought the TV out and had a movie marathon…..Wives and Daughters, North and South, etc.

Dad gets a group hug! <3

Opening a gift on my birthday. Another year older and, hopefully, wiser….

I’m very excited about my “Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal”! I got my first proof in and decided it needed some revamping so it should be ready by about Advent.. πŸ˜›

Both of my Advent books! Take a peek at my books on my Meadows of Grace Shoppe! (Advent books coming soon!)

Virginia has been working very hard on these three dresses for her daughter, Emma and the other 2 granddaughters (Virginia’s nieces) Sienna and Grace. Her Emma is doing the modeling. I think the story goes…Virginia saw some beautiful lace of different colors at a fabric store and felt this incredible urge to build a dress around it! And, of course, you can’t stop at one dress! After all, there are different colors of lace that have just got to be used!! πŸ˜€

The mothers will be seeing their daughter’s dresses for the first time on this post….Virginia just finished them yesterday! Aren’t they beautiful??


The Sagacity of Sienna (our granddaughter)

Doesn’t she look precocious? Throughout the weeks I get a text here and there from her mother, my daughter, Theresa, with the latest on Sienna’s Sagacity (that means wisdom). I will share with you those texts below.

Texts from Theresa:

At the end of the Rosary Brendan wanted me (Mom) to do saints names. So I said, “St. Patrick, pray for us , St. Joseph,pray for us, St. Theresa, St. Adrian, St. Catherine of Sienna, pray for us!” Sienna pipes up, “St. Daddy, pray for us!” πŸ˜‚


Brendan to Mom: “Mom, Nini stuck her tongue out at me.”

Nini to Brendan(irritably): “Brendan, Mommy said just to ignore me!”


Nini saw a pair of boots in a book and said, “I wish you guys could buy me these boots, I’m craving for them!”


Nini said, “These would be good Godparents for our new baby … Jesus and all the disciples.”


I (Mom) have 24 Catholic Kids Songs playing and Sienna said, “I love this music.” I said “Yes, it’s really fun.” She said, “No it is not fun, it’s Catholic!”




“Life is messy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Busy children trump an immaculate house any day of the week. Does it really matter that my carpet has a juice stain on it, or that my cupboard drawer no longer works because my son thought it was a stepping stool? Things can be replaced, but nothing can replace the feeling of ‘home’ that one gets when a house is bustling with children.” –Darlene Schacht, The Good Wife’s Guide