A Matter of Life and Death


The last two weeks have been a time for our family to really take stock on this journey called Life….where it begins and where it ends.

Six weeks ago, our dear friend, Mary, went into the hospital to have an MRI. With no warning, except that she knew things were not right, she was told she had stage four cancer.

The next six weeks for Mary were spent in the hospital. My daughters and I went to visit and talked about old times. She held our hands and told us not go. We laughed and we cried.

Mary wondered if this was really the end. She hoped for a miracle.

It has now been almost a week since we lost our dear friend. We are all still trying to wrap our heads around it….so quick, O Lord! If we had only known, how much more time we would have spent with her…

Near the end, our Rosie spent hours with “Aunt Mary”. She was there, in the hospital, shortly after our dear friend died and called me on the phone right away. I rushed over to the hospital and we knelt beside her and said the Rosary, through tears.

Death is not the end. Mary has gone to a better place and left us behind. She was an only child of two dear parents, who, I’m sure, were waiting for her on the other side. I am praying for Mary and asking that she doesn’t forget us.

Thank God that death is not final. Thank God we have the Faith. It is our solace in what could be a very cold and final end. We WILL see Mary again. God IS good and knows what is best. Goodbye, dear Mary.

The night Mary died, a baby was born….a little sweet granddaughter named Rita Mary.

It is my son and daughter-in-law’s first child and we were very surprised because she came earlier than the due date. Though I wouldn’t say her birth was easy (I don’t dare say that within earshot of the mother) it was relatively quick in the whole scheme of first labors.

I got the call in the morning from my son and waves of emotions…ones quite opposite to what I had been feeling over the phone call the previous morning…came over me.

This is grand baby number twenty-two! Life begins again. The journey starts for little Rita Mary.

Through valleys, up hills, in sorrow and through joys, Rita will wend her way through life.

One day, she will be where our dear Mary was a week ago. And how she spends those years in between will determine the outcome.

Life is short. Eternity is long.

Our Faith gives us all the tools to live a happy life (as happy as mere mortals can be) and to die a happy death. We are very fortunate and we need to do all we can to make this journey…our own journey….fruitful in the service of our King…the one we will be spending eternity with.

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her, O Lord…. Please say a Hail Mary for our dear friend, Mary.







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